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Thermax aims to blend energy availability with sustainability 


Poised to contribute substantially to a greener future, Thermax has secured orders exceeding ₹. 500 crore for five bio-CNG plants and aims to deploy hybrid renewable energy within three years. They are also scaling up coal gasification plants, demonstrating a strong commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

Thermax, a leading energy and environment solutions provider, in line with its commitment to being a trusted partner in energy transition,is developing green and decarbonisation solutions that bridge the gap between energy availability and sustainability. At the inaugural Thermax Fest in Pune in December 2023, the company unveiled its vision for the future, emphasising a commitment to global energy transition goals.

Thermax Group has unveiled its plans in line with global energy transition objectives. A subsidiary has secured orders exceeding ₹. 500 crore to establish five bio-CNG plants across India in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra (2), and Uttar Pradesh. These plants, capable of producing 110 tonnes per day (TPD) of bio-CNG, will utilise local feedstock exceeding 1,000 TPD, including rice straw, Napier grass, cane trash, and soya trash. The bio-CNG generated will serve commercial and captive customer use, aligning with Thermax’s broader goal of introducing biochemical and bioenergy solutions.

Thermax holds the leading position in providing green energy solutions based on biomass, offering a diverse array of products and services. This includes standard products, hybrid energy systems, intricate engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) projects, and green steam/power as a service. Additionally, Thermax has established a biomass-sourcing supply chain to ensure a steady and reliable biomass fuel supply internally.

Solar and wind energy

Another step towards sustainable energy involves installing 1 GW of hybrid renewable energy solutions by FY 2027. These projects, spanning intra-state and inter-state domains, cater to various industry needs, including continuous clean electricity supply. Within the 290 MWp (commissioned or under construction) portfolio, there is a cutting-edge wind and solar captive power project in Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu, combining 100 MW of wind and 90 MWp of solar energy.

In line with clean energy objectives, Thermax is developing gasification plants with carbon capture capabilities to process coal, targeting capacities from 100 to 500 TPD. Based on fluidised bed coal gasification, this technology converts high-ash Indian coal into value-added fuels, aligning with the government’s vision of gasifying 100 million tonnes of coal by 2030.

Heating and cooling needs

Thermax has introduced new electrical energy solutions like the electric boiler and hybrid heat pump to fulfil heating and cooling needs. Leading in the development of these domestically produced products, Thermax aims to reduce reliance on imports and cut associated expenses. These electrical solutions diminish the need for fossil fuels, optimise energy usage, and attain zero emissions when powered by eco-friendly electricity.

On the occasion, MD and CEO Ashish Bhandari said, “For 50 years, Thermax has played a vital role in India’s energy landscape. We are continuously driving sustainability through innovation, cross-functional expertise and partnerships. We have pioneered technologies for converting waste to energy to address the country’s unique energy challenges. We are investing in newer areas such as hybrid renewables, biofuels, and green hydrogen. As a trusted partner in energy transition, our commitment is to bridge the gap between energy availability and sustainability. Thermax Fest is a confluence showcasing some of these technologies and cutting-edge solutions to help industries meet their climate commitments.”

With these focussed efforts, Thermax is poised to make substantial contributions towards a greener future.

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