Novel technologies raising HVAC efficiency for large spaces


HVAC systems have introduced newer technology, such as variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems and evaporative cooling, to increase their efficiency. Anurag Dubey, Business Head at Tan90, shared how these technologies bring convenience and cooling efficiency to larger spaces. 

Which types of air conditioning equipment offer the best balance of affordability and efficiency?

New and efficient technologies are now available. Combining these technologies with passive cooling is a beneficial solution. It factors in energy storage and supply at peak demand times while ensuring a longer life of compressors in HVAC systems. 

How do sensors for monitoring temperature and humidity in various indoor settings contribute to overall cooling and efficiency?

Advancements in sensing technology are accelerating the feedback loop. On the flip side, innovations like leveraging historical data through machine learning are feed-forwarding the response and improving system efficiency. However, this improvement comes at a cost. The thermal storage battery is an optimal solution to alleviate the strain on sensing technology, particularly regarding temperature—an update to the thermal storage battery streamlines sensor responses, providing quick reactions without compromising efficiency.

What innovations have emerged in energy-efficient HVAC systems for the requirements of supermarkets?

Passive cooling technologies like ceiling tiles or thermal storage banks connected with AHUs improve supermarket cooling systems’ efficiency. Supermarkets can use these strategies to optimise energy usage, increase comfort, and maintain uniform temperatures across the facility. This improves overall operational efficiency and lowers environmental impact. 

Please provide instances of projects or case studies to optimise cooling efficiency in big spaces.

Let us discuss a simple way to amplify the cooling and control the cost plus fuel burn in office spaces. We can add a system that can extract heat from the surroundings when a door is opened or closed. Such a system could involve thermal storage units such as phase change materials. These units would immediately extract the heat ingressed into a room upon door movement, allowing the compressor to run at its highest efficiency without requiring additional cooling for the warmer air entering the space.

In what ways do temperature measuring instruments during transportation contribute to the safety of cold chain logistics?

Temperature monitoring provides insight into product temperature. However, we can implement systems capable of promptly responding to any deviations caused by system failures. Proactive measures ensure timely intervention, preventing potential damage or quality issues. Addressing temperature excursions is paramount for maintaining product integrity and safety.

How can integrating predictive maintenance sensors assist in the protection of HVAC equipment?

Predictive maintenance is a necessity, especially in a country like India. Seasons in India change frequently, making it difficult for machines to adjust to a certain atmosphere, resulting in frequent failures. A way forward is to integrate ML and AI. It could predict the failure path and help us follow a set of maintenance procedures before any failure occurs. 

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