Green Point UK upgrades data centre cooling

BITZER compressors

Green Point UK has successfully remanufactured five BITZER CSH95111 and CSH95113 semi-hermetic screw compressors, enhancing efficiency and compatibility with current spare parts, and enhancing data centre facility resilience.

Green Point UK, BITZER UK’s compressor remanufacturing and services arm, swiftly maintained critical cooling at a major UK data centre following the failure of several chillers. The loss of cooling capacity meant the data centre was vulnerable to a spike in ambient temperatures or an increase in the intensity of server usage, which could have overloaded the remaining cooling plant at the site, with potentially catastrophic consequences. 

Will Pribyl, General Manager of Green Point UK, said, “Due to system issues, several chillers on site had gone down, and the data centre was vulnerable. The work needed to be done immediately to ensure continuity of cooling, and the on-site contractor was under pressure to solve the problem.”

The company was contacted due to its proactive approach and ability to guarantee the remanufacture of compressors regardless of their mechanical and electrical condition once units have been stripped down. 

Green Point UK has completed the full strip-down and remanufacture of five BITZER CSH95111 and CSH95113 semi-hermetic screw compressors, which are optimized for data center cooling and air-cooled liquid chillers in UK conditions.

As part of the remanufacturing process, the company upgraded the compressors to the latest BITZER specification, improving efficiency and ensuring compatibility with current-generation spare parts. 

The upgraded compressor features an optical sensor for improved performance, replacing the original float-type oil-level management control. This contactless system ensures optimal lubrication, ensuring the compressor maintains its same footprint.

Will Pribyl adds, “The upgrade effectively took what were first-generation units up to the same specification as BITZER’s latest third-generation units, improving energy performance and reliability and ensuring spare part support for the foreseeable future.” 

Green Point UK is supporting the contractor in improving the resilience of other data centre facilities it is responsible for, including the use of monitoring via the BITZER Digital Network and reducing running costs with variable-speed drives. 


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