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Eurovent certification drives the HVAC industry to ensure quality


According to PK Goel, Industry & Technical Advisor, EuroventCertita, Eurovent plays a key role in elevating HVAC standards by certifying and advocating for manufacturers’ claims. This comprehensive process involves intricate evaluations and data mining and emphasises the necessity of transmitting best practices for industry improvement.

How important is adopting technologies such as evaporative cooling and the Internet of Things?

The HVAC industry is experiencing a growth rate of 5 to 6 percent annually, propelled by global heating concerns. It’s crucial to exercise caution in energy estimations. Adopting emerging technologies like evaporative cooling and the Internet of Things is vital for sustaining energy levels. Taking advantage of these opportunities is critical while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

How does Eurovent ensure the fulfilment of manufacturers’ claims regarding energy efficiency, and what does its certification process involve?

Eurovent engages in certification and advocacy concurrently, guaranteeing the fulfilment of manufacturers’ claims regarding capacity and energy efficiency in the market. This involves a comprehensive and intricate process, encompassing design evaluations and separate laboratory assessments. Additionally, it incorporates data generation and analysis, referred to as data mining.

It describes a method in which economical equipment, although potentially less accurate than its pricier counterparts, is utilised for calibration in an industrial environment. The procedure involves a comparison of the precision of the less expensive equipment with that of more costly alternatives, highlighting the necessity of human intelligence in the calibration process.

Many individuals carry smartphones that enable easy access to information about outdoor air quality in different locations. While this practice is common, there are actionable steps that can be taken to improve indoor air quality. This implies that the technology is not complex, nor is the equipment exorbitantly priced, yet it provides a figure within a margin of plus or minus 10 percent. Even when individuals are conscious of this fact, once they develop the habit, they persist and continue to do that. In shopping malls, advanced age controllers are being incorporated into air cleaners for those with the financial means. These controllers purify the air and also relay real-time air quality information to the facility manager at that particular location.

What is the significance of transmitting best practices in the context of Eurovent certification?

The primary aim of Eurovent certification is to elevate equipment standards by ensuring their claims on capacity and energy efficiency are met. MSME is the mainstay of the Indian industry. This certification process is essential for the MSME sector, emphasising the importance of passing on good practices to maintain and improve industry standards.

If we do not transmit best practices, it will result in the absence of certification, not in the immediate future nor the near term, but at least get certified by the day after tomorrow.

How is the HVAC industry encouraging youth to participate and consider careers in HVAC in future?

The HVAC industry holds immense promise for the future, urging young individuals to consider active involvement. Graduating engineers are encouraged to explore HVAC careers by undertaking available specialised courses. Eurovent is actively participating and collaborating with others to facilitate teaching and training. The demand for skilled engineers is expected to skyrocket in India and Europe, especially during renovation phases.

Recognising the surge in demand, particularly with the United States shifting its focus from gas to energy-efficient heat pumps, there is a substantial push for skilled professionals. The U.S. has announced plans to build 5 billion heat pumps, emphasising the industry’s potential. The increasing demand parallels the rapid growth experienced in the IT sector, presenting significant opportunities for those entering the HVAC field. This prospect underscores the likelihood of a burgeoning industry.

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