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Holm KK to leverage newer technologies towards OEMs

Holm KK

In today’s business environment, OEM’s play a pivotal role in their respective industries with enormous challenges, competition and diversification to manage the demand/supply narratives. It is also encouraging that OEM’s are creating numerous opportunities for many related ancillary companies and raw material manufacturers to support AatmaNirbhar Bharat initiative.

Today even a simple household has a prerequisite for modern and con- temporary gadgets. Hence, OEM’s are constantly looking for engaging their product team with constant challenges for development of new products to fulfil customer’s aspirations. HolmKK India supports OEM’s and appliance brands from design to tooling to finished products by providing various profiles as per specifications or customised in house in certain cases. All of their extrusions maintain basic science with finer nuances to give an aesthetic value to the OEM’s final product making HolmKK one of the India’s leading manufacturer and supplier of refrigeration sealing systems and also contributing intricate profiles for the automotive and construction sealing applications.

Holm Industries (USA) & KK Group (India) signed a JV agreement in 1996 to set up a Plastic Extrusion Manufacturing facility to produce world class gaskets and intricate profiles to serve the appliance sector and OEM’s. That was the beginning and still going strong. This JV in reality was a jubilee adventure which coincides with an upcoming silver jubilee later in 2021, completion of togetherness for a solid 25 years.

Their product profile includes rigid and flexible profiles, Co-Ex Profiles, Multi Co-Ex profiles and magnet HolmKK over these past 25 years has partnered a great mix of American, European and Asian Organisations. HolmKK operates with hands on technically qualified personnel at all levels in our most modern factories equipped with state-of-the-art machineries located at Ranjangaon, Pune and Greater Noida, NCR. “Pandemic related lockdowns though were an unforgettable experience but never unsettled our vision”, says Karan K Chandan, Director, Holm KK Extrusions Pvt. Ltd. In continuation of this corporate endeavour our future outlook is positive in terms of incorporation of new technologies, developments and verticals.

The current management gets continuous Techno-Commercial impetus from their Managing Director K.G. Chandan who has more than 4 decades of experience in the Plastic Industry. Today, HolmKK Extrusions has evolved into a very relevant extrusion architecture and OEM savvy organisation by virtue of sensible investment in technology, modernisation of existing facilities, quality and our hallmark services.


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