Energy savings confirmed with the Embraco variable-speed compressor


The innovative ice cream cabinet from ES System K has been tested with the FMFT415U compressor, using R290 natural refrigerant.

Embraco, a part of the Nidec Global Appliance portfolio, collaborated on a case study with ES System K, a European manufacturer of refrigeration appliances. The study demonstrated that employing an Embraco variable speed compressor with the eco-friendly R290 natural refrigerant – an ice cream cabinet achieved a remarkable 20 percent reduction in energy consumption compared to a similar solution using a fixed-speed compressor.

The compressor’s model tested was FMFT415U, applied to the Gelato INSU ice cream display, a new ES System K solution with completely hermetic, hygienic and highly insulated storage spaces with low energy consumption. Marino Bassi, Key Account Senior Advisor for Nidec Global Appliance in Europe, said, “Tests allowed us to conclude that the variable speed compressor technology, combined with R290 natural refrigerant, guarantees a remarkable improvement of efficiency if compared with on-off appliances.”

ES System K Technical Director Robert Pedzik added, “INSU’s ice cream cabinet is our best example of a sustainable-oriented product. Thanks to its closed refrigeration system and the advanced parameters of the Embraco variable speed compressor, the energy-saving level reached in this unit is awe-inspiring.” The product is also supported by an IoT control solution called Smart Shop Control.

Cost-efficiency package
The Embraco’s variable speed technology allows the compressor to adjust its running speed to the demands of the refrigeration system. It counts on three control modes: frequency control, serial control and the Smart Drop-In control. This last one is embedded logic software, which simplifies the setting of parameters and the matching of the compressor with the system, easing the adoption of variable speed technology. Besides this, there are the advantages of the natural refrigerant R290 (propane), which is unharmful to the ozone layer, energy efficient, and has a GWP (global warming potential) close to 0.

Bassi explains, “Variable speed compressors provide greater savings, acoustic comfort, and less vibration when running at low speed. He explains that “this technology overcomes temperature variations caused by door-openings much faster than the standard on-off compressor models, thus improving food preservation and potentially avoiding product loss”. “Our premise is to provide the most customer-focused solutions in the refrigeration industry continuously. We see a great demand for more energy efficiency for financial, environmental and regulatory reasons. Results shown in cases like ES Systems K confirm the trends towards the change into this efficient solution.”

The FMFT compressors are a sub-family in Embraco’s FMF portfolio for applications that require high cooling capacity, such as freezers, frozen islands, coolers and reach-ins. Embraco FMFT415U is also dual voltage (110/220V), which means it is very versatile for use in any part of the world.

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