ALFAA UV’s air disinfectant UVGI helps combat COVID-19


As the COVID-19 pandemic till date grapples the world, prevention practices like social distancing, donning a mask and religiously sanitising high-touch surfaces and oneself when outdoors have only helped. Moreover, the purview of systemic cleaning of indoor ventilation systems, which was erstwhile shied away, has become a pivotal concern in the wake of the spread of the contagion through the air. In view to integrally address the current needs and the challenges of capital & labour intensive traditional maintenance practices of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, UltraCoil and UltraDuct UVGI air disinfection modules by ALFAA UV have witnessed a spike in both the interest and demand from HVAC professionals.

In an HVAC system, the AHU cooling coils and the air conveying ducts are largely susceptible to becoming grounds for mould, pathogens and fungi to settle on. These micro-organisms, in turn, form a biofilm on these surfaces, hence leading to the system’s energy-inefficient output and in extreme cases, breakdown. A poorly maintained HVAC system subsequently keeps the occupants’ respiratory health at large risk, hence prompting their periodic cleaning drives.

Each ALFAA UV UltraCoil and UltraDuct UVGI air disinfection module comes equipped with high-efficiency UltraCoil UV lamps (from the USA); well-engineered UV UltraCoil parabolic reflector technology – to arrest wastage of the UV light; UL-approved UltraCoil ballasts – to ensure high lamp performance rate and longevity, and a NIST-calibrated UV Irradiance sensor and monitor to check UV irradiance output from the lamp.

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