Honeywell leads a regional workshop to low methane emissions

Honeywell methane emissions

Honeywell’s Emissions Management Solution (EMS) provides industrial clients with a variety of sustainability solutions to help them achieve their emission reduction targets and comply with regulatory criteria.

Honeywell reinforced its commitment to assisting clients in reducing greenhouse gases in difficult-to-abate industries such as oil and gas production and hydrocarbon-dependent industries by organising a regional methane reduction workshop.

Senior representatives of governments and oil and gas industries from seven Asian countries, as well as the U.S. Department of State attended the event at Honeywell’s regional headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. The International Energy Agency believes that reducing methane emissions is one of the most cost-effective and beneficial ways to assist achieve global climate and environmental goals.

Honeywell’s Emissions Management Solution (EMS) provides industrial clients with a variety of sustainability solutions to help them achieve their emission reduction targets and comply with regulatory criteria. It features a combination of innovative, hazard area certified wireless gas leak detection technology, automated data collection systems, and software to quickly identify methane leaks. Customers will be able to create accurate, auditable, and near real-time reports of their overall methane emissions throughout their Asian infrastructure by including a comprehensive and proactive solution that gives actionable insights and drives emission reduction plans.

Honeywell has partnered with their customers in the Oil & Gas industry as well as the U.S. government in their international efforts to promote methane abatement across the world and are a key contributor to the book: Methane Abatement for Oil and Gas: Handbook for Policymakers. The open-access, plain language handbook was issued by the Office of Commercial Law Development Program (CLDP) of the US Department of State, Bureau of Energy Resources, and it is intended to help policymakers on reducing methane from oil and gas operations.

“Honeywell is a trusted partner that helps organizations solve the world’s toughest and most complex challenges, with actionable solutions for industrial automation, the future of aviation, and the energy transition,” said Robert Kester, PhD, Chief Technology Officer, Emissions, Honeywell Process Solutions. “It’s an honor for us to work with multiple stakeholders and use our proven technologies and experience to help companies throughout Asia with methane-intensive operations be better positioned to meet their sustainability goals.”

“Unprecedented collaboration is needed between the private and public sectors to work together to reduce methane emissions,” said YC Lim, Honeywell president for Malaysia and Singapore. “Operators are facing market changes that require sustainable solutions to accelerate lower greenhouse gases while maintaining profitability and yield. Employing a reputable partner that can provide the technology, software and outcome-based services is critical to meeting those goals.”

Honeywell is committed to becoming carbon neutral in its operations and facilities by 2035, and disclosed a new set of commitments that advance its sustainability goals, including committing to set a science-based target through the Science Based Targets initiative, which will include scope 3 emissions, as well as participation in the US Department of Energy’s Better Climate Challenge. The company also supports the Paris Climate Agreement. These efforts build on the company’s track record of sharply reducing the greenhouse gas intensity of its operations and facilities as well as its decades-long history of innovation to help its customers meet their environmental and social goals. In 2021, approximately 60 percent of Honeywell’s new product introduction research and development investment was directed toward products that improve environmental and social outcomes for customers.

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