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An ideal refrigerant should possess low-global warming potential, non-toxic, non-flammable, and zero-ozone depletion potential. The current generation of refrigerants, hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), have zero ozone depletion potential; however, they have significant GWP when released into the atmosphere. However, the Kyoto Protocol lists HFCs as greenhouse gases because of their relatively high global-warming potential.

The growing international emphasis on global warming mitigation has stimulated interest in a new generation of low-GWP refrigerants. Many new synthetic refrigerants have been reported as alternative refrigerants with very low atmospheric life, GWP, and zero ODP.

The increasing adoption of lower GWP HFC/HFO blends will support the transition, with non-flammable and low GWP mildly flammable refrigerants available. The world is looking for the next generation of refrigerants. We will continue to face several issues in identifying a suitable refrigerant that poses no harm to the environment. However, there is a pressing need to develop new refrigerants and develop better equipment to use them.

On this note, Thermal Control Business Update hosted an ‘Interactive Session’ on ”Advancements in LOW GWP Refrigerants” on March 10, 2023, where industry experts discussed sustainable cooling, low GWP refrigerant, research, and advancement. The experts also spoke about advancements in cooling technologies, regulatory norms, and environmental safety.

Dr. Kaushal Kumar Jha, Founder, NoonRay Energy Pvt Ltd: “Low GWP Refrigerants in Mobility Sector”
Mr. Pavan Surana, Proprietor, Cool Max Enterprises: “GWP and few ways to reduce GWP in the long run”
Mr. Sarjerao Bhawar, Research Analyst, Blue Star India: “Global refrigerants trends in HVACR Industry”
Mr. Avinash Shaligram, HVAC Advisor, DroneVionics Pvt Ltd: “Future of Refrigerants”
Mr. Ashish Mattoo, Asstt. Manager, Climaveneta India: “Impact of GWP Refrigerants on Sustainability in Chiller Industry”

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