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Studies have shown that indoor air can pose a greater health risk than outdoor air, and controlling pollution sources is an effective solution. Deactivating pollutants and contaminants is necessary to achieve clean air. Moving away from fossil fuels and utilising alternative natural sources like solar and wind power and fans instead of ACs can help prevent air pollution. Strategies for proper ventilation, filtration, and pollutant source management can improve indoor air quality, including using less toxic materials and fuels, less polluting industrial processes, and improving efficiency. Portable air cleaners or purifiers can also be helpful.

As discussed potential solutions for improving air quality, IAQ in buildings, air purification and filter technologies, and more, Thermal Control Business Update hosted an ‘Interactive Session’ on “Prescribed Indoor Environment Quality” on April 11, 2023. HVAC industry professionals experts also spoke about on handling outdoor air, UVGI applications, and monitoring control techniques to ensure a better future.


Topic : “Prescribed Indoor Environment Quality”

Mr. Ravi Kaushik, CEO, AiRTH : “IAQ and energy efficiency”

Mr. Richie Mittal, Managing Director, Overdrive Engineering Pvt Ltd : ” Prominence of Oxygen in IAQ”

Mr. Abhinav Gupta, CEO, Active Buildings : “Case study on achieving WELL standard level IAQ with energy efficient solutions”

Mr. Suhel Parker, Director, IAQA India Chapter: “Mould in indoor Environments”

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