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Pandemic devastating impact worldwide led to the technological advances and challenges in HVAC industry creating smart HVACR systems; transporting and safe storing temperature-sensitive goods. The voice-controlled heat pumps, sensor activated devices, and mobile apps controlling HVAC unit from anywhere have been becoming common across HVAC industry. Smart HVAC systems ‘Learn’ where and how much heat or air to bring to each section of the building.

Smartness is when device can perform actions and maintain temperature all on its own based on certain set module. A smart HVAC system leverages networked HVAC components, IoT technology and sensors that integrate with building automation system. The sensors collect data about conditions throughout building and also monitor building occupancy, compiling data over time that will inform, track, and program HVAC systems. Potentially, energy saving, comfort and convenience are the advantages now. The future is all about inter-connected devices.

On this note, Thermal Control Business Update hosted a round table conference on “Smart HVACR systems” on February 4, 2022 where HVAC professionals discussed about the untapped opportunities in smart HVACR system, industry. They also discussed trends, IoT and sensor technologies, equipment and market outlook.

Panel Speakers:
Mr. Arup Majumdar, Trariti Consulting Group
Mr. C. Subramaniam, SSS Consultants
Ms. Sakhee Darshan Chandrayan, INBAC Association
Dr. Vishal Garg, International Institute of Information Technology

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