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On November 7, 2023, at 4:00 PM, the Thermal Control Business Update (TCBU) organized a webinar on “Sustainable Cooling Technologies for Data Centres.”

India had been rapidly emerging as a preferred location for data centre infrastructure. Cooling technologies had played a pivotal role in ensuring the efficient and reliable operation of these data centres. These technologies were crucial for maintaining optimal temperatures within the facilities, considering the substantial heat generated. Consequently, innovative cooling solutions had been in demand to address the challenges of heat dissipation and energy efficiency.

A commonly employed cooling method in data centres had involved Computer Room Air Conditioning units, which circulated chilled air to regulate equipment temperatures. Many data centres had adopted hot and cold aisle containment strategies to bolster energy efficiency and improve cooling effectiveness. Liquid cooling had also been on the rise, utilizing coolants to absorb and disperse heat directly from server components, thus reducing energy consumption. Given the continuous expansion of data centres, the development of advanced cooling solutions had remained imperative to optimize performance while mitigating their environmental impact.

During the 90-minute interactive session on “Sustainable Cooling Technologies for Data Centres” from 4 PM to 5.30 PM, data centre experts had discussed potential opportunities for enhancing data centre efficiency, new cooling solutions aligned with the digital infrastructure’s growth, increased capacity, heat extraction techniques, liquid cooling advancements, sustainable cooling technologies, and future opportunities to accommodate the escalating demands in data computing.

Mr. Amod Ranade, Vice President and General Manager – Asia Pacific, Green Revolution Cooling: “Liquid Immersion Cooling – enabling sustainable data centers”

Mr. Kapil Kapoor, Founder-CTO, Vayuguard Climate Tech Pvt Ltd: “Technologies for Data Centre Corrosion Prevention, Control and Monitoring”

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