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One of the positives to emerge post pandemic is how HVAC can affect air quality. New HVAC terminology is abuzz in the market, like filters, air changes, IAQ, and UV as protocol to deal with changing culture. Research findings indicate that indoor air can be greater health hazard than outdoor air, demanding improvement in systems from hygiene aspects. The pollutants and contaminants that contribute to poor IAQ need deactivation to get the cleanest air possible.

The best IAQ begins with HVAC system. A well-maintained ventilation system will increase the delivery and free movement of clean air and dilute potential contaminants. ASHRAE recommends increasing ventilation and upgrade filtration to help mitigate the transmission of the virus. Providing a separate mechanical ventilation system ensures enough outdoor air is being introduced to the occupied space. VRF systems and Dedicated Outside Air Systems, can be used in new and existing buildings. So, building owners and managers must ensure good ventilation for improving air quality.

On this note, Thermal Control Business Update hosted a round table conference on “Top Solutions for Indoor Air Quality” on April 12, 2022 where HVAC professionals discussed about the potential opportunities for improving air quality, air purification and filter technologies, innovative systems, retrofits, crucial UVGI application, and growth prospects in future.

Panel Speakers:
Ms. Namita Gupta from Airveda
Mr. Ketan Sheth from Belimo Automation India Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Richie Mittal from Overdrive Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Vishal Kapur from Meho-HCP Air Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Suhel Parker from IAQA India Chapter

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