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Hitachi’s latest solutions, powered by cutting-edge Japanese innovation, embellished with elegant aesthetics, and differentiated by creative dualistic design principles, are designed to set new standards for the ‘Made in India AC’ drive.

Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning, the maker of India’s air-conditioner brand ‘Hitachi Cooling & Heating’, has introduced a slew of goods geared to combat the Indian heat head on. Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Limited is poised to usher in a new era of cooling comfort, elevating aesthetics and performance to unprecedented heights. Hitachi expects to see strong growth throughout the peak season with a product line that includes more than ten different SKUs. Depending on the type, capacity, and features, these air conditioners are reasonably priced for Indian consumers.

This new series of air conditioners elegantly integrates functionality and aesthetics, boosting both comfort and style in Indian homes. With a wide price range to meet every budget and space, customers may discover the ideal cooling solution without sacrificing quality or performance.

The Hitachi AC airHome line consists of powerful, globally developed units. The airHome line of air conditioners, which is based on the Duality Design principle and originated in Japan, attempts to produce a signature statement for both interiors and cooling performance. The duality design concept is inspired by the exceptional craftsmanship of the world’s best sword, the Japanese katana. The airHome series sets the highest design standards in air conditioning for living spaces, adding opulence and comfort with its dual panel look, dual surface finish, dual platinum and dual gold color tone, longer-lasting Star white color, accentuated curve design, iconic wave design, and more.

Sanjay Sudhakaran, Managing Director of Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Limited, said, “ At Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Limited, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation to provide our customers with the ultimate cooling experience. Our latest range of products combines cutting-edge technology with elegant design, setting new benchmarks for comfort, efficiency, and reliability. With each creation, we weave together the threads of Japanese craftsmanship, technological prowess, and aesthetic finesse, crafting not just air conditioning solutions, but experiences that resonate with the soul of the modern consumer.”

The airHome ranges’ ‘Yoshi’ and ‘iZen’ Series of Inverter air conditioners are equally highly rated on aspects of aesthetics and par excellence in cooling performance. Yoshi, a 5-star inverter ac series, iZen, a 3-star inverter ac series, and Senpai, a 3-star fixed speed ac series are being very well received in the market, both by consumers and trade partners.

Building on the success of the airHome series, the business has created unique features that set new standards for air conditioning. These air conditioners focus both health and comfort, eliminating dust, mold, viruses, and bacteria using the Freeze-Melt-Dry technique and promoting cleaner air circulation with the ice Clean feature powered by FrostWash Technology. This unique solution not only improves air quality but also extends the air conditioner’s lifespan, providing unrivaled reliability. Its dual panel style, dual surface finish, dual platinum and dual gold color tone, longer-lasting Star white color, enhanced curve design, and signature wave design all contribute to the elegance of the living space’s interiors. The UV paint ensures that the pristine white colour remains vibrant, enhancing the beauty of the interiors.

The Xpandable+ range is the pinnacle of technological innovation, providing unrivalled versatility and efficiency. The Xpandable+ automatically expands and adjusts to deliver optimal cooling according on the ambient temperature outside and the load requirements inside the space. Xpandable+ inverter air conditioners can boost their compressor’s rotation per minute (RPM) above the standard-rated RPM as needed.

With technologies like airCloud Go and Smart-Fence, consumers have unprecedented control over their internal climate, maximizing comfort while reducing energy consumption. Long air throw capabilities of up to 24 meters* enable uniform cooling in all areas of the room.

With Hitachi AC’s first-ever Ambience Light function, consumers can instantly determine if their environment is cold, comfortable, or warm. This feature has three colors: cold blue for a chilly atmosphere (16-23°C), comfort green for a comfortable atmosphere (24-27°C), and warm red for a warm atmosphere (28-32°C).

Hitachi airCloud Go, WiFi-enabled air conditioners, enables consumers to remotely monitor and control air conditioning from a single app on their smartphone, digital device, or voice assistant on their mobile for easy temperature management. AQtiv-Ion, a built-in ionizer, emits negatively charged particles that bond to contaminants floating in the room, deactivating them. It can be used in any mode, including cooling, heating, drying, fan, circulation, and auto.

As the market for innovative cooling solutions grows, Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Limited stays committed to providing products that exceed expectations. With a presence spanning over 10,000 retail touchpoints and counting, the brand is poised to expand into the less penetrated Tier 3 and 4 cities as well. Hitachi has established a comprehensive service mechanism throughout the country to ensure a flawless pre-sale experience and rigorous after-sales services. The product lineup for 2024 is now available in all major retail stores and on major e-commerce platforms.

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