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Greentech introduces revolutionary air filter at IFMA World Workplace in Denver


Greentech Filters+, a HVAC filtration technology combining advanced nanofiber construction for ultrafine particle capture and eco-friendly ODOGard® for VOC and odor removal, all while promoting sustainability.

Greentech’s Filters+ are the latest advancement in HVAC filtration technology, combining two key innovations to address the evolving needs of facilities, especially in the post-pandemic era. These high-capacity MERV-rated filters offer ultrafine filtration capabilities while maintaining a lower pressure drop.

The foundation of Greentech Filters+ lies in their advanced nanofiber construction. This unique design maximizes surface area, enabling the capture of ultrafine particles, while also improving air flow efficiency. Unlike electrostatic filters that lose their charge over time, Greentech Filters+ are true mechanical filters that retain their MERV rating throughout their lifespan.

One standout feature of this technology is its commitment to environmental sustainability. By using 50% less synthetic material compared to traditional filters, replacing a standard 24”x 24” x 2” filter with Greentech Filters+ can save the equivalent of 8.5 (16.9 oz.) plastic bottles from entering landfills.

But Greentech Filters+ don’t stop at particle filtration. They incorporate ODOGard®, a second component of the technology, which is capable of destroying volatile organic compounds (VOCs), gases, and odors by altering their molecular structure, rendering them inert. ODOGard® is not only highly effective but also 100% non-toxic and biodegradable. Its proven track record in various household products, including adult diapers and trash bags, adds to its credibility.

One of the significant advantages of Greentech Filters+ is their versatility. These two-in-one filters offer a cost-effective solution that requires no capital expenditure for adoption or implementation in existing HVAC systems. They serve as the first line of defense against airborne pollutants and can replace a wide range of filters, from MERV 6 to 11A, and even certain carbon filters in specific environments.


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