2024 AHR Expo award winners showcase ‘innovation’ in securing the top spot


The recipients of the 2024 AHR Expo Innovation Awards battle up across 10 diverse industry categories, encompassing building automation, cooling, heating, indoor air quality, plumbing, refrigeration, software, sustainable solutions, tools and instruments, and ventilation.

Here are the recipients from a selection of 10 industries. Please read the category, company, and innovative product name consecutively as you read through.

Cooling: Danfoss’ – DSG Compressor

The DSG compressor has been specifically designed for low-pressure refrigerants such as R-1234ze with low global warming potential. Applications include chiller systems with various compressor capacities to support unit design requirements. These refrigerants usually require a much larger compressor size to have the same capacity as high-pressure (R-410A, etc.) refrigerants.

Heating: Ephoca–Nextac – Next generation PTAC

Nextac’s next-generation PTAC includes features such as R-32 use, twin rotary inverter compressor, heat pump performance to -10°F (-23°C), integrated ERV, MERV 13, zero air leakage, self-cleaning coils, 27 dB(A) operations, STC of 40, sleek, all-metal paintable cabinet. No drain is required for cooling or heating. Nextac’s new high-efficiency and quality PTAC compels manufacturers to enhance their PTAC lineup by making them more efficient and aesthetically pleasing and adding more insulation for quieter operation and a better seal.               

Ventilation: HVAC Manufacturing and Technology Inc. – Smart Air Valve

The SAV-Smart Air Valve is an economical self-commissioning air control solution. It features a 100:1 turndown and precision airflow accuracy within a few cfm operating at a low .03” w.g. (74 Pa). It matches the ventilation rate to the hazard risk, featuring advanced demand control ventilation and low EUI with a single unit size. The SAV adds value and mitigates risk by creating a new, simplified, and economical value chain, leading to a paradigm shift by making fixed orifice plate technology obsolete. The variable orifice plate technology solves a complex fluid dynamic problem of measuring a fluid accurately over a wide dynamic range, making current fixed orifice single venue contract fluid measurement/fluid control air terminals obsolete. It offers a variable dimensional aspect ratio footprint and solves current issues for end users, architects/engineers, contractors and TAB entities.     

Indoor Air Quality: WellStat – Air quality monitoring system

WellStat is an indoor air quality + energy management software platform used by property and facility management teams to responsibly ensure healthy air quality conditions, lower operating costs, and increase operating revenue. WellStat is completely integrated and customisable and provides a single, unified enterprise hardware, software and mobile platform experience. Customers can optimise their asset’s performance while promoting a safer and healthier work environment. Monitoring systems are tested, calibrated and always accurate, including 14+ IAQ sensors monitoring temperature, relative humidity, particulate matter, carbon dioxide, ozone, total volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, reset TVOC, dew point, wet bulb, light level, carbon monoxide, occupancy, pressure, sound dB and duct flow.   

Refrigeration: Airgreen’s – Cold Room Heat Pump

The AirGreen-BMIL brine-based DX refrigerant system essentially creates a low dew point “heat pump” for cold room applications, providing <26°F (3.3°C) dew-point supply air in a single process step. This packaged unit design provides up to 50% energy savings while significantly reducing capital costs. It also eliminates the downtime related to multiple defrost cycles, or worse, downtime for cleaning if condensation forms.           

Building Automation: 75F – HyperStat Split

The 75F HyperStat Split enables contractors to upgrade RTUs with advanced rooftop control with unprecedented ease. Using only two existing wires from the RTU to the thermostat, HyperStat Split provides dual enthalpy economiser, demand-control ventilation and VFD control. An onboard PIR occupancy sensor enhances energy savings with auto-away. Devices like the HyperStat Split encourage the building controls industry to make two design considerations the norm.

Sustainable Solutions: Midea Residential Air Conditioning – Midea PWHP

Midea’s Packaged Window Heat Pump is a window-mounted cold climate air-source heat pump designed for DIY installation and high-performing, energy-efficient heating and cooling. Developed to support multifamily buildings’ transition toward electrification, the Midea PWHP provides a cost-effective solution for buildings looking to meet future sustainability requirements quickly. Unit performance is 9,000 Btu/h (2.6 kW) heating and cooling, a 2.35 COP @ 17°F (-8.3°C), up to SEER2 21.8 and HSPF2 11.6. This is accomplished without the use of auxiliary heat. 

Tools & Instruments: INFICON – FLUE-Mate Combustion Analyzer

FLUE-Mate Combustion Analyzer is designed to improve combustion efficiency and safety. This tool has an integrated manometer, thermometer, CO test, and cracked heat exchanger test and provides draft analysis. FLUE-Mate can even generate a QR code that can be scanned with your smart device for a quick analysis report. FLUE-Mate provides useful user convenience and safety features, like the easily visible water trap and filter, easy operation, automatic pump shut-off and ambient CO monitoring. 

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