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Next-generation energy-efficient and high-performance condensing boiler

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Riello, a division of Carrier Global Corporation, a global leader in intelligent climate and energy solutions, introduces the RESIDENCE HM condensing boiler, incorporating advanced technologies to enhance performance and energy efficiency.

This boiler, IoT-ready and 20% hydrogen-compatible, marks a significant upgrade. One key enhancement from the previous model is the implementation of a high 1:10 modulation ratio, reducing gas consumption and carbon emissions by minimising on/off cycles. A new energy-efficient digital circulator with EEI ≤0.20 has also been introduced. Riello’s latest ACC system ensures optimal combustion, maintaining consistent efficiency and emissions within regulatory limits by adapting to fuel type and flue length. Particularly in combi models, the RESIDENCE HM demonstrates impressive domestic hot water (DHW) performance, attributed to an upgraded DHW exchanger by Riello.

The modern residential boiler boasts a user-friendly interface with a new touchscreen and internet connectivity through its ‘Hi, Comfort’ digital platform, enabling comprehensive IoT networking. It also features an updated room control with advanced functions and a sleek design. Its integrated gateway manages up to three zones and operates as a system manager for hybrid installations, ensuring optimal energy use. Noise levels of the RESIDENCE HM start at 45 dB, a 10% reduction compared to its predecessor.

The technology prioritises environmental responsibility, extending the company’s legacy in sustainability. The RESIDENCE HM is compatible with hybrid systems and can function with natural gas blends and up to 20 percent hydrogen. Riello’s tests indicate potential compatibility even with 100 percent hydrogen, facilitated by the ongoing development of a conversion kit.

Roberto Manzoni, Product Manager Heating Products, Carrier Global Comfort Solutions, Riello said, “With our RESIDENCE HM we’ve created an exciting new mid-tier offer with major appeal for end users and installers alike. All models offer Class A seasonal heating energy efficiency of 93 percent. With its performance, comfort, efficiency and attention to the environment, our latest boiler is ideal for today’s and tomorrow’s heating and DHW demands. In addition, our optional new Smart Key accessory provides connectivity and allows for remote set-up and home comfort control.”

The boiler includes a fixing plate and DIN-type connections to ensure versatile installation. Simplified installation and maintenance are facilitated by the compact size (740 x 420 x 275mm) and lightweight construction, weighing between 28-30kg. No gas valve calibration is required because of the self-adaptive system that simplifies the initial ignition process.

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