Danfoss Integrated store control enabled a French retailer to save up to 46% on energy bills


Discover how Danfoss, a leading provider of HVAC-R solutions, helped a prominent French retailer achieve significant cost reductions in energy expenses. By implementing an integrated control system for refrigeration, HVAC, and lighting, over 700 stores witnessed a remarkable 46% reduction in energy consumption during nighttime and weekends and a 20% reduction during daytime hours.

Commercial buildings contribute to a sizable percentage of energy consumption and emissions. Specifically, the cooling needs of a building account for nearly half of its total energy consumption. In this regard, commercial buildings need to maintain a precise balance between dynamic growth and sustainable management. Building technology must adapt to market needs and regulatory requirements, Whether hotels, offices, supermarkets, or other public spaces. HVAC-R solutions at Danfoss are tailored to achieve energy and cost savings for the building without compromising the functional and comfort requirements.

The case study highlights how Danfoss enabled a leading French retailer to achieve notable cost reductions on energy expenses by implementing a comprehensive refrigeration, HVAC, and lighting control system. This integrated control system has been successfully installed in over 700 stores throughout France. It has resulted in a significant 46% reduction in energy consumption during nighttime and weekends and a 20% reduction during daytime hours.


Substantial Energy Savings with Integrated Store Control
Every cent saved on the energy costs of the supermarket directly impacts its profitability. But what does it take to achieve these savings, what installations are most efficient, and what is the pay-back time? To address these concerns, a prominent French retailer embarked on a comprehensive study at one of its discount stores to gather answers to these questions before implementing the solution across the entire company.

In close cooperation with Danfoss, the retailer installed frequency converters on the pack and introduced integrated electronic control of evaporators, cold rooms, air conditioning, heating, and lighting inside the supermarket and outside the parking lot.

Introducing the Smart Store installation at a demonstration store in France marked a crucial initial milestone in demonstrating the potential for achieving substantial energy savings by integrating a few straightforward technologies. Following this successful implementation, interest in the smart solution has grown significantly, leading the retailer to equip over 700 stores with similar energy-saving solutions.

Simple Solution with a Pay-back Time of Less than One Year
Before the implementation of the Smart Store installation, the lighting and cooling conditions in the stores were as follows: 

  • Switches manually operated the store lighting.
  • All lighting was turned on from the time of the staff’s arrival throughout the day, even during the midday closure.
  • Light zoning amenities were not prevalent.
  • The parking lot would remain lit throughout the night. 
  • Cooling was not optimised: despite curtains on the cabinets, the set points were not lowered at night. 
  • The floating HP was not activated, and the pack was oversized in winter and mid-season.

After Smart Store Installation, the following changes were implemented: 

  • An existing compressor and condenser were equipped with a variable speed drive, allowing for floating heat pump settings and modifying night set-points. 
  • The SC 255 replaced the existing controller to enable integrated refrigeration, lighting, and HVAC system control. 
  • Light zoning was implemented inside the store and in the parking lot to optimise power usage. 
  • A reversible heat pump was installed, operating according to a predetermined schedule and temperature thresholds based on outdoor temperatures (high in winter and low in summer).

The demonstration installation in France shows that implementing new pack control, variable speed on compressors and condensers, and integrated control of all electrical systems in the supermarket can lead to significant energy savings without compromising food safety and customer convenience. This successful solution has been replicated in multiple stores, allowing them to reduce energy consumption and address the global climate challenges associated with excessive energy use. The tests yielded an average energy savings of up to 46% during nighttime and weekends and up to 20% during daytime hours.

Danfoss’ commercial building solutions have demonstrated their ability to generate substantial cost and energy savings, making them applicable across diverse markets. Whether implemented in supermarkets, hotels, or hospitals, Danfoss offers a comprehensive range of products such as air handling units, chillers, and building monitoring systems. These solutions enhance comfort, promote efficient operations, and reduce carbon emissions for these buildings.


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