Energy efficiency enhancement at Phoenix Art Museum

Phoenix Art Museum

This case study highlights how the application of ThermaClear to the HVAC system at the Phoenix Art Museum led to substantial efficiency improvements, creating efficiency gains averaging 10 percent on a 350-ton Trane water-cooled chiller.

Project overview
The Phoenix Art Museum, with a rich history spanning over 60 years, has been a custodian of some of the world’s most prolific art. It is visited by over 300,000 art enthusiasts annually. To safeguard its invaluable art collection, the museum must maintain strict temperature and humidity conditions and backup air conditioning systems. However, the building’s energy consumption and carbon emissions impact the City of Phoenix’s operating costs and its goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

Engaging ECM technologies
Phoenix Leadership collaborated with ECM Technologies to address these challenges, partnering with the city’s energy planning, facilities, and sustainability teams. They aimed to optimise the Phoenix Art Museum’s HVAC systems using ThermaClear®, a cutting-edge energy conservation measure.

The chiller equipment service technician playing a key role in the project mentioned, “I was extremely pleased with the ease of the treatment process. Applying this Energy Conservation Measure was quick with virtually no involvement of the client, nor did it require any equipment downtime.”

Keeping things comfortable and chilled, a 350-ton water-cooled chiller made by Trane was installed. It is cooling a spacious area, about 285,000 sq. ft. Comfort Systems USA installed it.

Efficacy of ThermaClear
Preserving fine artwork demands strict control over both temperature and humidity levels. In this case, the need for these controls is critical. To ensure the artwork remains protected, the system incorporated verified controls with built-in backups. Additionally, the setup includes extra backup chillers to ensure uninterrupted cooling throughout the year. The successful implementation of energy conservation measures has yielded remarkable results.

An estimated annual energy reduction of 106,756 kWh signifies a substantial decrease in energy consumption. This reduction corresponds to a noteworthy CO2 equivalent savings of 75.7 metric tons, emphasising the positive environmental impact. In practical terms, the estimated annual carbon reduction equates to saving 8,513 gallons of gasoline. These outcomes underscore both the energy efficiency achieved and the significant contribution to reducing carbon emissions.

Performance measurement & verification
ThermaClear® performance was validated through comprehensive, real-time monitoring throughout ECM Technologies research and development. A comprehensive, real-time monitoring system was implemented, following the standards outlined in the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol. This monitoring system captured critical indoor and outdoor metrics, including temperature, humidity, chilled water/airflow, and energy consumption. Data was recorded every minute over an extended testing period, ranging between 3 and 9 months per test, to capture pre- and post-treatment data. This thorough approach ensured the accurate assessment of ThermaClear’s implementation.


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