Enhancing efficiency and energy savings at Pacific Sahibabad: A retail mall case study


Pacific Sahibabad, a bustling shopping and entertainment destination, sought to improve its energy efficiency amidst challenges such as limited shutdown time and outdated installations. This case study highlights their journey to substantial energy savings.

Pacific Sahibabad, located in Ghaziabad, is a prominent retail hub known for its vibrant retail outlets, entertainment venues, and dining options. The four-story consumer mall boasts a food court with 500 seats, featuring renowned eateries like Yellow Chillies, Ocean, Moti Mahal, and Suruchi.

Facility type: Retail

Location: Ghaziabad

Size: Large four storey consumer mall

Challenges faced
The project faced several challenges, including leakage issues, outdated installation and limited shutdown time. Pacific Sahibabad faced a complex challenge during the replacement of its pumps. The mall’s continuous operations required minimal shutdown time, making the process intricate. Complicating matters further, outdated pump installations could have improved efficient data logging and energy consumption monitoring. Additionally, existing isolation valves contributed to pump leakages, necessitating replacements to enhance overall system reliability.

Solution implemented
To address these challenges and enhance energy efficiency, Armstrong Design Envelope pumps were installed. These pumps are known for their advanced technology, efficiency, and energy-saving capabilities.

Equipment installed
The HVAC system at the facility consisted of three 750-ton refrigeration chillers and seven primary and condenser pumps. To enhance efficiency and performance, three of the primary and condenser pumps were replaced with Armstrong Design Envelope pumps, incorporating a suction guide and flo-trex valves into the system. This upgrade aimed to optimize the system’s operation and energy efficiency.

Implementing Armstrong Design Envelope pumps delivered substantial energy savings, resulting in a notable reduction in operational costs. These upgraded pumps provided efficiency. They also enabled precise data logging and monitoring, giving better control over the mall’s energy consumption.

Despite the limited shutdown time challenges, the installation process was efficiently managed in the context of reduced downtime, minimising disruptions to mall operations. Moreover, replacing outdated isolation valves with new pumps helped decrease incidents of leakage, significantly enhancing the system’s overall reliability.

Pacific Sahibabad’s commitment to enhancing energy efficiency in its bustling retail mall led to remarkable results. Through the installation of Armstrong Design Envelope pumps, the mall achieved a remarkable 41 percent energy savings despite facing challenges such as limited shutdown time and outdated installations. This case study is a testament to the positive impact of embracing innovative solutions in pursuing energy conservation and operational excellence within the retail sector.

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