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Technology will be the edge in the cold chain 


Technology has seeped into the cold chain to improve logistics and smooth the process. As per Manish Dandekar from Dandekar HVAC System, advanced technology-infused products must be sub-par in the industry.

What is your perception of cold chain warehousing and logistics market growth?

The Indian cold chain warehousing and logistics industry is witnessing a surge buoyed by several key factors. The demand for perishable goods, along with the expanding footprint of the food retail industry, is rising. The government is promoting initiatives to reduce food waste, further propelling this growth trajectory. Moreover, the prevalence of online grocery shopping adds another dimension to this expansion. It creates the need for efficient distribution networks. All these factors assist the cold chain sector to grow. The changing dynamics promise a ripe platform with opportunities for stakeholders across the value chain.

Please discuss new technologies to handle increasing logistics requirements in the country.

New technologies are impacting the way logistics performs in India. They address the need for faster, more reliable, and cost-effective transportation and storage solutions. The technologies now have IoT-enabled tracking systems for monitoring temperature-sensitive goods. Predictive analytics for demand forecasting and route tracking are involved. Robotic automation for warehouse operations and blockchain are used for secure and transparent supply chain management.

Could you describe the latest developments in automatic door and curtain technology for temperature and air control?  

Automated door and curtain technology for air and temperature control is focused on enhancing energy usage, improving insulation, and smoothly integrating with other automated systems in the facility. Smart sensors, adjustable air curtains, and remote monitoring capabilities are added innovations. They can provide better control over climate conditions and reduce energy usage in cold storage facilities.

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Please suggest automation innovations to address the growing demands of e-commerce in warehousing and logistics.

The goal of all these new technologies is to improve efficiency and productivity. Innovations automating things such as robotic picking systems, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) for material handling, and automated sorting and packing help achieve these goals. AI and machine learning algorithms refine inventory management and order fulfilment processes in e-commerce warehouses. These technologies are involved in material handling to fulfil orders, thus increasing e-commerce storage and logistics productivity.

What initiatives are needed to strengthen cold chain business in India?

Investments in infrastructure development are required. Constructing temperature-controlled storage facilities and the growth of transportation networks can promote cold chain businesses. Cold chain technologies need stringent government policies and incentives for investors. Partnerships between industry stakeholders can improve supply chain efficiency and food safety standards.

What is your opinion about future material handling systems that will ease the cold chain process?

We expect future material handling systems to be highly adaptable, scalable, and productive. It will satisfy the demands of faster shipping, order customisation, and last-mile delivery. Technology involvement, like the introduction of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), has made picking and packing more flexible. Drone delivery systems have made remote and urban areas accessible. Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) ease high-density storage and make order fulfilment faster. These technologies are ever-evolving and aim to change the structure of material handling in logistics.

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