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From inventory to operations to quality, cold chain getting upgraded

Gubba is a futuristic organization, which is soon going global; we already have 8 expansions lined up for 2022-2023.

Sharing his perception, Gubba Kiran, CEO, Gubba Cold storage Pvt. Ltd., talked about innovative technologies , automation in cold chain and other latest issues with Thermal Control Business Update and reflected his views for encouraging public-private relationships for this industry.


Cold storage market in India and growth in coming years 

The cold storage market has been prevailing ever since pre independence. However, the significant growth has come only after 1980’s. Decade by decade, India grew in all aspects. Strength in the cold chain industry became more of a need. However, we missed getting the industry organized. It has been traditionally owned with pre-fixed mind-sets. There are close to 8,500 cold storages in India today amongst which 75% are single commodity cold storage. There is no denial in the fact that we have come a long way, yet, there is a long enough way to go. Indians are now a prime contributor to global development. The Indian cold chain sector is expected to grow at 14% CAGR during 2021- 2023. 


New and innovative technologies for preserving the perishables 

There is a lot that is in the pipeline for execution on the innovative technologies line in the coming future. We will witness a decent balance between manual intervention and automation. All will be done to achieve efficiency in time & accuracy. From inventory to operations to quality, the world of cold chain is going to upgrade. Gubba is going to integrate Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems in its facilities.


Relevance of automation for cold storages to handle logistical purposes

 Automation will be more like a strength to the cold chain industry as it will enhance the accuracy, save time & cost. As important as it is to retain the quality of the good in the warehouse, it is equally important to ensure the same quality is delivered at the end of the chain, hence logistics is a very vital stage in the process of end-to-end solutions. Reefer logistics have been in place however, we will need a robust logistics structure to be redefined. 

Large space cooling in cold storages In cold storages

we preserve life & the life of a lifesaving or life giving commodity can go dead with improper preservation. So, large spaces have to be designed technically impeccable. You must then have data loggers that will log the temperatures in every reasonable interval. A well trained, qualified & experienced team is also very much needed to ensure the operations are at par.

Suggestions to meet shortages of cold storages in the country 

There must be encouragement in public-private relationships for this industry. We must permit more of foreign direct investments. To send up a cold storage costs nothing less than 18-20CR & the running cost could vary between 50-60L per month. Hence, a request to revise the power cost & rate of interest for this industry would be a booster, it would encourage many players to come in. 

Initiatives expounded in cold storages and post Covid hygiene and safety of workers 

Gubba Cold Infra is one the finest companies in India to professionally deliver the desired project by upscaling the quality of the work within the timelines. Their experience is established beyond the footprints of India as well. 

Our safety team @ Gubba did an intense research to formulate SOP’s for hygiene & safety to be followed by the team. Right from educating the team on the real impact of overall effects of Covid to training them into dealing with man & material with precautions, it has been an achievement. From having segregated bins for hazardous disposal, to making Gubba a fully vaccinated organization, a lot of changes were implemented.

Growth expansion plans

 In 3 years, Gubba will be the lifeline of India’s agriculture; food & pharma. We will have our footprints in PAN India. We already have 8 expansions lined up for 2022-2023. Gubba is a futuristic organization, which is soon going global. Stay tuned! 

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