Giga Pumps redefining efficiency in HVAC 


WILO Giga pumps set a new standard with minimal maintenance, aligning with the booming Indian market. Vinod Pawar, Segment – Head Building Service Commercial, expands on WILO’s commitment to innovation in infrastructure, emphasising a reduction in carbon footprints by focusing on energy efficiency and smart applications.

What factors contribute to the positive outlook for Indian businesses in the HVAC industry?

The HVAC industry appears encouraging for Indian businesses in the future. The global growth is expected to range from 6 to 8 percent. The outlook is particularly favourable in India due to the accelerated development of India’s global infrastructure, which is growing faster than in other countries. Anticipating a 13 to 14 percent growth rate in India, the industry’s focus is shifting towards customer-focused smart applications. This fundamental shift aligns with our goal of enhancing customer experiences.

What is the goal of reducing carbon footprints and enhancing efficiency in HVAC systems?

The primary goal of our company is to reduce carbon footprints, emphasising to achieve high efficiency. Looking ahead, the focus is on integrating artificial intelligence and smartphone applications. Aside from this, WILO net also supports HVAC pumps, systems, and solutions, enabling efficient control for enhanced efficiency. The showcased products include Stratos Giga and Stratos Maxo pumps, which are  IE5 efficiency pumps. These can be controlled by Building Management Systems (BMS) to save maximum energy in the industry.

Please discuss the features and advantages of the Giga pumps.

The Giga pumps require minimal configuration and maintenance from a service perspective. Featuring a magnet motor, they boast the highest efficiency in the industry. Being inverter-driven allows for control through delta P, delta T, and delta V. These pumps offer precise regulation to the pressure point 01 category, making them highly energy-efficient. Control options include BMS, Wi-Fi, artificial intelligence, and WILO net. The basic advantage of these pumps is that they can be controlled remotely from any location.


What distinguishes WILO pumps from other options in the market?

WILO extends its scope beyond just pumps. It operates as a comprehensive system solution. The approach goes beyond traditional product selling to focus on solution selling. Our differentiation lies in meeting customer expectations for comfort, whether for end-users or in complete supply chain management. We distinguish our products through their ease of installation and ease of maintenance. That provides a differentiating factor concerning other products available in the industry.

Is WILO aligning its pump manufacturing with the Make in India concept?

We have opened a new facility with an investment of around Rs 200 crore. Besides this, we have advanced technology production at the Kolhapur factory. This aligns with the India concept, led by our Prime Minister and actively supported by WILO India. Moreover, all globally designed products are manufactured within the WILO India facility.

What are WILO’s plans and expectations from the market, and what is the anticipated growth for your products?

Our mid-term plan involves anticipating a growth rate of around 15 percent over the next five years. That is our mid-term plan. This expectation is grounded in the ongoing development of infrastructure in India. We are active participants in this industry and market. We will leverage these opportunities through our innovative products and solutions.

The HVAC sector requires substantial training and comprehension from the end client. Customers need more awareness of optimising efficiency, conserving energy, or maintaining the pumps and systems we sell. Over the next five years, our key focus will be client training. This will ensure they acquire the knowledge to use our products while saving energy effectively.

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