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Comfort cooling in relation to workspace productivity

Comfort cooling

Comfort cooling tends to be a factor that directly affects the comfort of building or hospital occupants.

Human bodies perform within an internal temperature range much narrower than external temperatures. In the process our bodies’ metabolism generates heat, which must dissipate into the surrounding air or surfaces. 

When external temperatures are high, this process becomes more difficult and we may overheat or feel warm. When external temperatures are low, the rate of heat loss becomes more rapid, and we may feel uncomfortably cold. Hence maintaining the comfortable conditions are favourable to us.

With the impact of heat waves across various states in India, several cities across India have seen a high temperature rise over 42.8 °C (109.0 °F), reaching its all time high.

Comfort cooling is becoming an essential part of our life now. This comfort cooling tends to be a factor that directly affects the comfort of building or hospital occupants. Comfort temperature is generally considered between 24 – 30 °C, after accounting for air velocity, relative humidity, clothing and other conditions and by maintaining these desired conditions of 24 – 30 °C, as defined by the ISHRAE. The human comfort conditions are met thereby increasing the workspace productivity as well.


As per reports from various HVAC OEM manufacturers of Comfort Cooling equipment, operating these units at around say, at the highest bracket of 30 Deg C which is also a comfort condition instead of 24 Deg C, would have saved the operational power cost of the building between 30 ~40 percent. It shall also have a lower impact on Global warming potential (GWP) which would eventually reduce such harsh weather conditions, such as heat waves or similar conditions in years to come.


Since 1961 in India, we have been the pioneers in manufacturing high quality Air handling units and ventilation fans with various cooling capacity and air flow range with the tag of certification and assurance to suit every application in the market. To add to this fleet, we have the Precision air conditioning tailored to meet any high sensible cooling applications. This wide range of energy efficient HVAC products make FläktGroup India a complete HVAC solution provider for its customers to meet any application and cooling needs of our customers.

As India is fast emerging as a location of choice for data centres we do have plans of expanding our portfolio as a complete Hyperscale Data Center Build Solution provider for all our customers .

We, at FläktGroup India, aim to be the leading strategic partner for smart and energy efficient Indoor air and Critical air solutions and be recognized by our customers as the technology leader; providing highest quality standards for improved air comfort, safety and well being.

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