Indoor air quality is a fascinating industry


Abhishek Sarmah, Business Head – IAQ, Delta Electronics India, says Delta intends to transform the HVAC industry with its breakthrough indoor air quality solution, which combines modern filtration, ventilation, and air purification systems and marks a commitment to eco-friendly practices.

What energy-efficient HVAC solutions is Delta currently working on to contribute to the advancements of the HVAC industry?

The HVAC sector is experiencing notable advancements, fueled by a robust emphasis on sustainability and the development of energy-efficient solutions. Delta acknowledges the significant opportunities emerging from ongoing initiatives in India. It is crucial to distinguish between designing and manufacturing processes. The present state of the HVAC industry is dynamic and promising, and we are enthusiastic about our involvement in its evolution.

What expansion trends are anticipated for the recently introduced indoor air quality solution?

The indoor air quality industry is witnessing exciting trends focused on smarter, leaner, and collaborative solutions. Our eco-friendly green products have garnered recognition and certification, receiving positive feedback for their efficiency and low-electricity usage, particularly with HEPA filters. The market shows promise, and we eagerly anticipate opportunities for collaboration. We are enthusiastic about the potential and possibilities within this burgeoning market.

What features distinguish your product from others available in the market?

Delta is a leading company in the brushless DC motors and fan industry. Delta IAQ Products are honored with the Energy Star Partner of the Year -Sustained Excellence Award for Six consecutive years. The product’s resilient design and Delta’s extensive experience in the fan sector have led to multiple accolades, including the Energy Star award. Delta is eager to unveil this exceptionally efficient product to the market.


Please briefly describe the end users and applications for your indoor air quality solutions.

The product line-up encompasses diverse residential-use applications, from compact 750-square-foot living rooms to larger spaces requiring ceiling mounts. It includes 500 CMH and 1000 CMH ERVS, Fresh Air Fans, air filtration filters, and exhaust fans. These offerings are tailored to address the needs of different environments, ranging from small living rooms to expansive areas. They can be utilised in various settings, such as living spaces, ceiling mounts, and more extensive locations. The range involves the introduction of fresh air, its recirculation, purification, and the expulsion of stale air. The comprehensive range of products within a secure container ensures safety and operational efficiency.

What are your future expansion plans into new markets?

Delta is currently well-placed in the segmentation; this category includes both residential and small commercial areas. We are focusing on these two primary divisions. However, beginning this year, we may expect to see a lot of activity in the education sector and a few pharma and medical institutions. But it is worth noting that the focus on residential and commercial spaces is also moving.

We look forward to advertising our products across a range of educational institutes.

What strategy do you employ to promote awareness of products among consumers?

“We adhere to the ASHRAE 62.1 and 62.2 guidelines, which recommend IAQ products for promoting health, sustainability, and elder care, with a particular focus on children. Such events serve as platforms to spread awareness of the brand and its value proposition. Our strategy involves being present in diverse settings to ensure that individuals, organizations, and consumers are familiar with the brand and its value. These trends suggest that participating in events and collaborations can contribute to improving air quality and sustainability.”

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