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In an interview with TCBU Udayan Banerjee, Head Operation, Clairco walks us through their solutions to maintain clean air and quality IAQ. He also explains how their latest additions like UVGI filters, real-time data monitoring has been adding value to the increasing demand for clean air.

What is the current market size of ventilation and air filters in India?

According to TechSci Research, India air purifier market stood at $ 49 million in 2018 and is projected to grow at a Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 28 percent during 2019-2024 to reach over $220 million by 2024, with rising expenditure on health and wellness products along with growing awareness regarding hazardous effects of air pollution we are looking for a steep growth in indoor air purification industry.

Demand for air quality and appropriate air filters and ventilation systems have been increasing post pandemic. How do you plan to meet them?

Under the existing circumstances, it is probable that air conditioners, mainly the centralised ones, are a potential catalyst for COVID-19 and other airborne diseases. It goes without saying that there is an imperative requirement for advanced air filters to not only disinfect but also improve the quality of air indoors. 

We aim to leverage emerging technologies to advance the air quality management in buildings and make it more and more data driven, and predictable by investing in developing IP driven solutions. Our focus is to become a trusted brand for any business, who are looking for an affordable, sustainable indoor air quality management solution.

With increasing demand for clean air, what kind of solutions do you provide to maintain and monitor IAQ in commercial / public and residential areas?

Air quality monitoring:     we make IoT based air quality monitors (AQM) which measure key air quality parameters in real-time and display the data in a dashboard which can be displayed on any connected screen and/or an app.

Air purification:               

we add air purification capabilities to any kind of air conditioning systems (split AC, cassette AC, VRV and central AC) by retrofitting low drag filters onto them thus increasing the purification levels manifold without hampering the performance of the ACs.

Data-driven filter cleaning/replacement:                 

  we use real time data from the AQMs to predict the life of our filters and clean/replace them through a team of technicians to prevent clogging of the filters and to always ensure clean air thus giving us the capability to guarantee clean air. The filters we use are completely biodegradable and thus discarding the used filters does not add to any kind of pollution.

Displaying Real-time data on client’s app/connected screen: 

we can display the real air quality data on any connected screen which can add to the brand value of our corporate clients, drive better tenant retention, and increase footfall for our retail clients.

Maximise Fresh Air Intake and optimise CO2 levels:             

since we are a Clean-air-as-service solution, we package all the above as part of our offering in a monthly subscription-based model thus ensuring a zero CapeX pricing for our clients.

Union Budget 2021 -22 has announced increase in prices for air-conditioner, compressors and their parts, how will it impact your business?

Union Budget for 2021-22, has increased customs duty on imported compressors for refrigerators and air conditioners to 15 per cent from 12.5 per cent. Since Clairco, do not use the air-conditioner, compressors this will not impact us directly.

However, there have been increases in import duties on motors and PCBs as well. But the blessing for us is that our suppliers are indigenous manufacturing units in India, we are hoping there will not be much impact for us.  Even if there is a small effect, we will bear the impact instead of passing it on to the consumers.  

What are your latest offerings in the HVAC sector?

Zero-Cap-Ex Clean Air as a Service:

Our Zero CapeX business model makes us 3-5 times more affordable than existing industry solutions. Clairco charges a fixed monthly subscription fee per sqft/month as opposed to heavy Cap-Ex being charged by conventional solutions.

Zero Building Downtime:

We can convert any air ventilation systems to air purification systems through our cellulose-based low drag filters which is a game-changer in air quality management solutions. High efficiency low drag retro-fittable filters for enhanced air purification in buildings. Existing industry solutions require HVAC overhaul and complete building shutdown for months


Clairco also has developed capabilities to use UVGI in AHUs. The use of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) within an air handling unit (AHU) and the air ventilation ducts is very critical in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis as this technology has been proven to be effective to reduce microbial build-up. UVGI installation in AHU with safety features to reduce any airborne transmission and reduce build-up on filter and coil

SLA backed Guaranteed Clean Air:

Clairco signs an SLA with customers and does not charge for months in which SLA is reached. 

Displaying Real-time data on client’s app/connected screen:

Clairco provides an IoT platform for real-time monitoring of indoor air quality and clients can display this data on any connected screen and market clean air to their customers/tenants/building occupants.

How has COVID impacted your businesses?

We have seen tremendous interest in our indoor air purification and monitoring services which is a testament to a renewed awareness about wellness. Air purification and higher hygiene standards and overall wellness of building occupants have become a mandate, especially in the post-COVID world, and our products and business model fit perfectly for all commercial real estate players. Thus, we are looking forward positively.

The coronavirus pandemic has reinforced business to redesigning workspace to simulate nature, have better air filtration systems and use more sustainable materials. We are also creating awareness of the menace of indoor air pollution which is responsible for serious respiratory health issues, low employee 

productivity and unhappy customers for a host of businesses.  This has also created a lot of enquiries and interest in indoor air quality management.


We aim at leveraging newer technologies for advanced air quality management towards commercial, residential and public spaces by offering affordable sustainable IAQ solutions.

Udayan Banerjee, Head Operation, Clairco

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