Condense free insulation for comfortable environment


We provide ‘Class O’ material for F&B industry as it is free of fibre and migration and is harmless to humans and the environment.

Lucky Sachdeva,National Manager – Process & Heavy Industries, Armacell India Pvt. Ltd., in an interaction with TCBU, highlights their insulation solutions to maintain efficiency and hygiene in F&B industry. He further talks about providing condense free insulation to avoid bacterial and fungal intervention in industrial productive areas.

Kindly walk us through the products that you exhibited at ACREX 2020
We are exhibiting nitrile rubber based thermal and acoustic insulation products. Our business is providing thermal and acoustic insulation solutions to every industries where Chilled water, Hot Water and Steam are used as utilities and where one needs to control the noise. Our thermal insulation solutions are used to avoid heat loss from these utility lines. We have a big presence in food and beverage, chemical, Pharma, Steel etc., along with comfort HVAC.

What kind of solutions do you suggest and provide for Food and Beverage Industry?
I think, any material catered to the F&B industry must be fibre free. Second significant factor is hygiene; materials, equipment and metals being offered to F&B sector should be highly resistant towards fungal and bacterial growth. Like we are having special material for F&B segment in Class O Armaflex Plus that does not have any kind of fiber migration; neither is it harmful to humans and the environment. In fact, its having added resistance against the bacterial and fungal growth. So, these are the kinds of solutions being used by the industries at large.Just to mention here, our products and solutions are being used by established food brands like ITC, Nestle, Coca Cola, etc; and are being appreciated till now.

Any insulation solution is specifically providing for HVAC systems to the large industries?
There are three basic requirements for an HVAC system’s as far a user is concerned; one being comfort, second is indoor air quality (IAQ) and third is energy conservation. There are instances where we find condensation issues in pipes and ducts. Normally, we see the condensation happening outside but we fail to realise that it might also me happening inside the conditioned space above false ceiling. This cause mold and fungus formation and growth in the indoor environment, severely affecting indoor air quality, besides damaging the costly interior work. Especially in hospitals, condensation can reach out to patients through hospital rooms, surgery units which is disastrous. So, our focus is to design the systems in a way where we guarantee that there will be no condensation. Moreover, by avoiding condensation one automatically saves on more than 85 percent of heat loss, and gives a comfortable environment. For HVAC industry we are the number one choice as far as insulation is concerned.

What kind of possible you know environmental and human impacts can be because of a bad insulation?
There are two impacts like in terms of material selection and installation. If the material is fibrous, if material has CFC, formaldehyde, harmful plastics; these things are extremely dangerous for the environment and human safety. There are cheap materials available in the market, having those kind of substances or ingredients. One need to refrain using materials with such ingredients.

Talking about installation, a bad installation leads to condensation. As already shared, how harmful condensation is for indoor air quality.So one need to ensure good installation as well to enjoy good indoor air.

What is your business outlook for 2020?
Market is going to grow and we see that the food and beverage segment is already growing. Also, there is a growth in chemical industry;demand for HVAC comfort is increasing with the industrial growth. Right now, the Covid-19 has started impacting businesses, but I feel it’s a short term hurdle and by H2 of 2020, industry will be again on track.

Lucky Sachdeva,National Manager – Process & Heavy Industries,Armacell India Pvt. Ltd.

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