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In an interview with Neeraj Gupta, Senior General Manager, Living Environment Division,  Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd. Neeraj Gupta he discusses how India’s achievements in the energy sector in recent years and also how the country is helping in achieving global goals for environment. During the discussion he also mentions about the new product launch to meet current demands.

From the view of electrical energy saving, how do you select an HVAC system?

In purview of Electrical-Energy savings and to select an HVAC system, it becomes imperative to analyse the running cost of air conditioners. The major factor in achieving energy savings is through adjusting the capacity of the air conditioners as per the actual requirement. For example, generally, the Air-conditioning systems are selected to manage peak load, but due to change in ambient conditions within a day, and also due to varied seasons across the year, most of the time, the air conditioning system has to work on less than the full capacity.

Currently, the technology of Inverter technology gives different capacity with effective-part load efficiency. The Inverter Air-conditioning system that has the highest part-load efficiency between 75 percent to 50 percent load should be the ideal system that can be selected to save electrical energy.  In addition to the inverter technology-driven system, Mitsubishi Electric Air conditioners are offering multiport scroll compressors and variable evaporating temperature to further increase the efficiency of the system at part load operations.

What kind of energy-saving equipment do you offer for industrial purposes?

For many industrial customers, Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners has adopted technologies to reduce the energy cost by optimising the rising energy needs. We are offering 100 percent inverter technology-driven multiport scroll compressors and variable evaporating temperature based VRF system for Industrial air conditioning.

Mitsubishi Electric has always been a company that offers advanced environmental systems that can create a sustainable and healthy environment for all, therefore, to safeguard people from extreme temperature and pollution and to enhance air quality, the company provides Lossnay Ventilation System. It helps to reduce overall energy cost by extracting stale air and then recovering the heating or cooling energy to either warm or cool incoming fresh air. Thereby, minimal energy loss, maximum energy recovery and substantial energy savings.

In addition to the Mitsubishi Electric manufactured indoor units, we also offer City Multi-Variable Refrigerant flow system that can work with the custom-designed Air Handling unit to meet any specific needs of the customers for Industrial purposes. 

How do you deal with the demand for affordable and low-cost energy-efficient equipment and technologies in India?

The Government of India is implementing reforms towards a secure, affordable, and sustainable energy efficient products to power a robust economic growth. 

Air conditioners being an Electro-Mechanical device, the energy efficiency of Air conditioners is directly proportional to the quality of the components used for manufacturing. We are consistently working towards the advancement in technology to produce affordable and low cost but high energy efficient Air conditioning Systems. In the existing solutions line-up, we have reliable, affordable, and high energy efficient Air conditioning systems considering the 09+ year operating and life cycle cost of air conditioners.

Which technologies have you been implementing in your products and services for improved efficiency?

Efficiency is all about making the best possible use of advanced technology and resources.  By improving efficiency, our customers can reduce energy costs and comfort.

Mitsubishi Electric Air-conditioning systems are engineered to perform at the highest efficiency between 75 percent to 50 percent load to provide the best energy savings at actual conditions. We have Mitsubishi Electric Quality (MEQ) that represents our dedication to excellence in developing and manufacturing energy-efficient and highly reliable Air-conditioning systems. 

Safe and Secure Installation and technical service is our top priority. The Installation and Service of Air conditioning systems are performed by our well-trained authorised channel partners who follow our stringent quality processes and due diligence at the site.

With increased inclination towards energy efficiency, how do you see India as an energy-efficient country in the near future?

India’s achievements in the energy sector in recent years have been outstanding. India is making energy security as a priority. The country is pursuing a very ambitious deployment of renewable energy, notably solar, and has boosted energy efficiency through innovative programs such as replacing incandescent light bulbs with LEDs. Indian has also made India progress towards meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, including goal no.7 on delivering energy access. With constant push from customers and Govts regulations for high quality and energy-efficient products, India is steadily progressing towards the market with high energy-efficient products.

Can you brief us through your latest and upcoming products and technologies for 2021? 

The existing pandemic conditions have increased concerns for providing proper ventilation so that people can live and work in a comfortable environment. We have developed a Wall Mounted energy recovery ventilation system known as LOSSNAY, which is suitable for houses or office cabins. This type of LOSSNAY product has two separate fans, to provide Fresh Air after filtering harmful microorganisms into the space and at the same time Exhausting inside stale air. The core of Lossnay is made from ultra-thin paper and sits at the heart of the system, Constructed in a corrugated form and layered in alternate directions, the core allows a cross airflow to maximise heat recovery without the supply and exhaust air mixing, ensuring only fresh air is introduced into a building. As Lossnay extracts stale air from a building, heat energy is recovered through the paper core and transferred into the fresh incoming air.

We also have Air-conditioning products that include Dual Barrier Coating (DBC) that does not allow dust to deposit on the internal surfaces and components like Fan, internal structure, and coil, etc. India being a tropical climatic zone with a high content of dust in the atmosphere, accumulating dust on the internal components of air conditioners leads to a reduction of efficiency during air conditioner operations. In order to have high-efficiency air-conditioners and reduced energy consumption during the life cycle of the air conditioner, Dual Barrier coating is playing a major role in India. Currently, we are analysing the existing needs of the Indian customer and consistently working towards the creation of advanced technology of product & services.

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