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In an interview with TCBU magazine, Gaurav Vasudev, Managing Director, Globtech Engineering Products & Services, mentions how HVACr systems are helping to have a safer environment indoors.

Can you walk us through your company’s profile?

GEPS, aka Globtech Engineering Products & Services, drives Engineering Services and specialised Products/Solutions in Ventilation, Indoor Environment Quality & Energy Savings in HVAC. 

Brief about us, we have been in the market since 2005, as a company since 2015 and pioneered in the market for the best solution providers with complete technical product support locally & globally. We are renowned for offering customised solutions for Solar Hybrid Air-Conditioning, Energy Savings, Ventilation, Acoustics, Indoor & Outdoor Air Purification & IEQ. We work with DELBEG, Greenheck, VTS, LTI & Renson as channel partners in the Indian subcontinent.

We have three verticals, Ventilation, Indoor Air Quality & Energy Saving range of products in the HVAC Segment. In Ventilation vertical, we handle ventilation products from Greenheck, LTI Ventilatoren and VTS. We work as system supporter/integrator for specific product types, e.g., basement ventilation, staircase Pressurisation etc. 

In Energy Efficiency, we have Solar Hybrid Air conditioning for all air-cooled condensers. Again, a unique technology for the Indian sub-continent. In Addition to that, we have external sun protection, optimising heat load by 15-20 percent lower than standard.  Additionally, we have the in-house team to work on Computational Fluid Dynamics for HVAC & Fire/Smoke area to assist national & international clientele. 

In Indoor Air Quality Vertical, we have products for Filtration (Mechanical, Electronics) from Germany, Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation & Antibacterial / Anti-Microbial Duct coatings. These are niche products in the IAQ area. We facilitate a complete suite for commercial buildings, healthcare, hospitality, education, retail and marine, to help deliver healthy, clean, effective and efficient indoor environments.We have solutions for improving local outdoor pollution levels.

Considering the post-COVID scenario, what kind of Ventilation and simulation do you suggest/offer for the industry?

Covid made all of us realise the kind of air we breathe. Today everyone has understood the use and importance of face mask to prevent bacteria and virus from inventing into our body. 

While working in the HVAC industry, we have some solutions to avoid using mask indoor in a centrally air-Conditioned space. We deal with product Solutions which helps in cleaning the fresh air intake through Electronic filters. Uncontaminated air filtration mustn’t add a purchase to the existing system. ISHRAE Covid guidelines have recommended diluting the indoors with fresh air intake.

Healthy IAQ is one of the primary requirements towards public, commercial and residential buildings. What innovations are being done in your filters to maintain a quality IAQ?

With the combination of Our IAQ product ranges, we can achieve a desirable virus-free indoor environment for all of us.

  • Filtered fresh air for dilution
  • UVGI in return ducts for deactivating bacteria & Virus
  • Obtaining an anti-microbial/antibacterial coating solution

How far are they complying with the energy efficiency requirement?

Our products are internationally certified and suitable for global\Local environmental norms.

Can you explain the required, available and demanded IAQ through efficient HVAC systems?

In today’s time, the system is helpful only with regular maintenance and cleanliness. As outdoor quality is getting lower day by day, recommended treatment of intake air is necessary nowadays. We have already crossed the heights of negligence. Either, now is the right time to implement the changes or never expect the same quality in future.


While working in the HVAC industry, we have some solutions to avoid using mask indoor in a centrally air-Conditioned space

Gaurav Vasudev, Managing Director, Globtech Engineering Products & Services

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