Preserving critical constituent of Indoor Air Quality and IEQ through T&M

Indoor Air Quality

Improving energy efficiency, energy conservation, optimising operation costs and highlighting the technological advancement is a prerequisite for the HVAC sector.

Elaborating on the measuring techniques that can amplify the efficiency in an HVAC ventilation system, VimalChavda, BU Head – HVAC&R, Testo India Pvt. Ltd., says that adherence to the prescribed parameters makes it vital for an entire HVAC&R sector to implement the automated solutions to their products and service profile.

What are the current trends in automation for ventilation in HVAC?
System automation and digitalisation is a very well received idea in the HVAC industry where processes and work practices are becoming more self-driven with less human interventions. Not only that, the entire sector is now taking a leap with the introduction of concepts like Direct digital controls (DDC) and Environment management system (EMS) where the building climate along with the equipment are controlled through a common management system. There are cloud based systems which gather live data from multiple locations via sensors and can be monitored from a central location anywhere in the world.

Automated HVAC units also append GSM systems (to track the locations) for data logging purposes. Then there is integrated building automation or management systems that are not only limited to heating and VAC control but also commands the devices’ designed to monitor security, fire and flood safety, lighting and other smart gadgets. What used to be a manual process of recording and execution is now so advanced that in a given facility with VAC system, the ventilation damper opening adjusts itself as per the CO2 level in the facility in order to maintain the desired limit. The automation technology is evolving every day and these trends take a new leap with every step.

How do you define the significance of automated measuring solutions for an HVAC unit?
HVAC unit is a very detailed and crucial constituent to be maintained. It directly deals with human comfort, air quality, temperature regulation, building management and many more. This makes it very significant to have systems that work seamlessly and intuitively with accuracy without any error. The prerequisite for precision in RAC and ventilation systems and adherence to the desired level of parameters makes it important for the entire HVAC sector to implement these automated systems.

What kind of technologies do you offer to provide maximum precision in a ventilation unit?
Testo primarily provides testing and measuring instruments for all HVACR applications, right from intuitive air velocity and IEQ measuring instrument like smart Testo 400 and Testo 440 to Testo 160 data loggers. Over the years, our technology has always evolved from analog to digital and now even smart intuitive products. Testo had figured out the importance of smartphones at a very early stage and even successfully integrated the feature of smart working into measurement tasks. The Testo smart probes were the result of innovation in developing smart and compact measuring instruments which can be connected to the smartphones or tablet via Bluetooth, and can be conveniently and intuitively operated via App. They proved out to be a great development in the ventilation and refrigeration segment making inspections, on-site measurement, report generation and data sharing so simple. Similarly, Testo 420 air capture hood, for measuring the air volume flow has made the measurements easier even at the turbulent inlets/outlets.

Besides that, there are other instruments for testing RAC units such as refrigeration manifolds, digital vacuum measuring instrument, electronic leakage detector for refrigerants etc, that are critical for improving energy efficiency, energy conservation, optimising operation costs and highlighting the technological advancement of Testo.

How are technologies like IoT, Automation in measuring equipment helping you maintain the indoor air quality and comfort level?
IOT or the Internet of Things has become a new establishment in the industrial operation and functioning. Globally, it has shown tremendous effect on almost every sector in a very small-time span. IoT has promoted the usage of smart and networked equipment that reduce downtime of any facility, reduces error and ensure human comfort.

The new Testo 440 and Testo 400 constitute of a compact handheld measuring instrument, with user-friendly measurement menus and wireless probes – for the versatile and convenient measurement of all air conditioning and ventilation parameters. The probes are available for air velocity, temperature, humidity, degree of turbulence, CO2, CO and light intensity. The Testo 160 wireless LAN data logger measures, monitors and documents the temperature, humidity, light intensity, UV radiation and CO2 concentration in rooms, offices and malls – automatically and without interruption; hence all indoor climate monitoring parameters in one. An individually designable cover is also available for each data logger which allows the logger to blend into almost any environment.

There are mounting concerns on climate change, how is TESTO contributing to provide a clean air in the surrounding?
Any office building that lacks proper ventilation and temperature regulation systems can lead to decreased fresh air levels, also excess number of people working in the office can be a factor of air contamination because excess CO2 is released in the ambience. Humidity and moisture levels along with the presence of dust particles in the surrounding can also degrade the air quality in the office premises. Also, people need to take care of the building material as well so that the climatic conditions can be much more supportive. The more we have controlled and good air quality in work area lesser is the load on the environment. Encouraging fresh air ingress in the areas will lead to lesser air contamination issues.

The most ideal way to maintain Indoor Air Quality and ensure clean air in the surrounding is by measuring and monitoring the necessary parameters regularly and properly and based on that, update or maintain the HVAC systems. As mentioned, Testo provides a range of multiple instruments that assist you in maintaining the desired IAQ level.

Vimal Chavda,
BU Head – HVAC&R, TestoIndia Pvt. Ltd.

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