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Evolving technologies to ensure minimum energy consumption

Ajaj Kazi

We are offering all the latest technologies in the products including the products and systems for maintaining indoor air quality.

Talking on advanced heating equipment with Thermal Control Business Update, Ajaj Kazi, Project Director, Domestic Projects Group, Voltas Limited, stated, heating is rare in the Indian climate. However, there are applications wherever heating is required for the processes. Heat pumps are used for such applications. 

Cooling demand, and growth in the heat and ventilation market 

India is poised for growth. There will be huge demand for cooling as there is growth in urbanisation as well as push for Atmanirbhar and Make in India. Air conditioning is no longer a luxury for many across the country and it has become a necessity. The cooling demand required for the industries for their various processes is also increasing. One of the examples is Data Centres. Many Giants are setting up their Data Centres across the country and cooling is critical for the functioning of the data centres. Hence, the growth is inevitable for the HVAC Sector.

Kind of heating and ventilation equipment/ technology 

Voltas offer VOLTAS is a pioneer in setting up the trend in HVAC in the Indian Market. From time to time we have brought various technologies to India. Starting Star Rating to now Adjustable ACs in unitary product Segment to introduction of Screw chiller technology to vapour absorption chillers; VOLTAS has always been taking the lead. We are offering all the latest technologies in the products including the products and systems for maintaining indoor air quality which is extremely important in ongoing situations. The state of art manufacturing facility in Waghodia, Gujarat is another example of serving industry by manufacturing the products which are relevant and latest in the segment. 

Energy efficient/ emission control features embedded in product and solutions 

The products carry high energy efficiency and are certified by the top most certifying bodies of the country as well as in the world. Adjustable ACs is one of the unitary products which smart AC adjusts itself based on demand, rather than continuously running on 100 percent capacity all the time. We have a VRF segment which is suitable for medium requirements with variable load. The chiller technology includes the inverter, magnetic bearing technology which is very latest .The refrigerants used in the products are green and eco friendly refrigerants which take care of the emission aspect. When it comes to large projects the entire system integration is critical for energy efficiency and not one product. Our teams work with the customers to understand the requirement and design holistically the system which can work with highest energy efficiency. 

O&M practices being followed to sustain optimum performance in products 

Remote monitoring is one of the important practices being followed. This helps in getting real time performance of the system and ensures the actions are taken proactively and help maintaining the optimum performance. The other practices are the stimulation to calculate actual demand and tweaking the system by doing some retrofitting and retro-commissioning. This is done with getting the real time data by continuous measurements. 

Future of energy efficiency and heat exchangers in the coming years 

The thrust on energy efficiency is going to be more and more. Use of systems which are based on renewable energies will be required in coming times. The more thrust will be on developing buildings which are net zero. Since HVAC is the largest consumer of energy in any building, more and more technologies shall evolve to ensure minimum energy consumption yet giving maximum comfort. 

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