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Nano particle based technology helps in VOC reduction

VOC reduction

Aero pure is developing solutions not only for UV but also for oxidation based technologies for reduction of pollutants, says Vikram Ulhas Bapat, MD, Arklite Speciality Lamps.

Talking about company and its products in an interaction with Thermal Control Business Update, Vikram Ulhas Bapat, Managing Director, Arklite Speciality Lamps Pvt Ltd., mentioned that Aero pure is a division of Arklite Speciality lamps Pvt. Ltd., which is focused on IAQ solutions.

IAQ management and air quality issues

IAQ management in any enclosed and air conditioned space has always been important, the awareness of the IAQ has increased with Covid-19. Typically, traditional air conditioning only focuses on comfort and not on air quality, thus technologies for addressing microbial and VOC related IAQ are a must.

Emerging technologies towards improving IAQ and energy efficiency

While UV systems have been used over 40 years in the west, this technology has become prominent in India in the last few years to address microbial reduction and pandemic control. TiO2 Nano particle based technology that helps in VOC reduction has also become prevalent. Installation of UV systems on cooling coils of AHU’s have the additional impact of keeping the coils clean and thereby has the impact on reducing the energy consumption of the HVAC system.

Aero pure products and solutions

Aero pure has been providing UV solutions for IAQ for over 10 years. It is the only UV solutions company that is fully integrated in manufacturing UV lamps, electronic controls and metal fabrication in India. Aero pure Offers market leading UV solutions for AHUs, Ducts, VRF systems as well as standalone room air purifiers. Aero pure has Products that are CE and UL listed giving top notch quality at affordable prices. Being the only company that manufactures its own UV lamps, the operating and maintenance costs are also optimal and not dependent on imports.

Lamps range under the UVGI category developed by Arklite

Arklite makes a wide variety of lamps in Germicidal UV for Air, water and surface treatment applications. Arklite also makes lamps for sports lighting and for specialised industrial applications like printing and curing. Arklite makes lamps from 6 W to 6000W and from 1 foot long to 6 feet long lamps. Most of the Arklite lamps are exported to USA, EU and Australia.

Growth of Air quality improvement and Surface sterilization products .

This is an emerging market with a strong growth potential. The awareness on using the technologies to create clean indoor environments already existed in the best offices, hospitals, hotels and public spaces. Post Covid-19 the awareness has only grown and we now see the use of our products in a much wider area.

Future expansion plans

Aero pure is developing solutions not only for UV but also in oxidation based technologies for reduction of pollutants. We are looking to make our technologies available in buildings that do not have a HVAC installed. The future products will also be more connected and smart.


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