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CDC cleansing spray to improve Indoor air quality

Coil Tech

Coil*Tech Condensate is designed to prevent sludge, slime, bacteria or mould build-up in condensate drain pans of AC and refrigeration systems. 

The company’s products utilise unique, environment friendly controlled release technology to release over time activities that prevent buildups, overflows, and odours in drain pans. When CDC is placed in the drain pan, the product slowly dissolves in the condensate water, providing preventative treatment for a maximum of 6 months, depending on usage and environmental conditions. 

The Drain Pan Cleaner does not contain harsh chemicals, biocides, making products safe for the user and the environment. For all air conditioning and refrigerator Condensate Drain Pan applications- 

  • Continuous drain pan cleaning and disinfecting for up to 6 months 
  • Cost Effective, safe, easy to apply, environment friendly 100% water soluble 
  • No external casing to dispose, metal and plastic safe 
  • Adheres to drain pan, does not float or move Installation. 

Commercial AHU Application 

Place Coil*Tech CDC in the condensate drain pan opposite from the drain opening. When the drain pan begins to collect condensate water, CDC will adhere to the pan, begin to slowly dissolve and provide treatment. The Coil*Tech Condensate Drain Pan Cleaner will not float or move in the drain pan, and over time, it will completely dissolve. When the product is no longer visible, it is time to apply a new one. Wait a minimum of five minutes before equipment start-up. 

Residential Split Units 

Coil*Tech CDC has been designed to fit into the tight fit drain pans of Split Unit air conditioning/ Air Handlers/ FCUs. Place CDC against the aluminium fins of the evaporator coil and on the inside of the inner edge of the drain pan, either horizontally or vertically. As the evaporator fins begin to sweat with condensate, Coil*Tech CDC will slowly dissolve treatment into the drain pan, preventing sludge, odours, and overflows. 

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