Danfoss PSH compressors optimise heat pumps for colder climates


Danfoss’ PSH scroll compressor with vapor injection, which is tuned for R454B, has the potential to revolutionise heat pump adoption by functioning in a wider temperature and environmental range. It is multi-refrigerant and can withstand medium to high temperatures as well as low environmental conditions.

Danfoss’ innovative PSH scroll compressor with vapor injection could be a game changer for heat pump adoption. Its capacity to function in a broader range of ambient temperatures makes it a useful and efficient heat pump in colder climes. Increasing the operational range of heat pumps is critical to achieving decarbonisation.

The PSH compressor with vapor injection is an R454B optimised dedicated heat pump compressor with higher permitted discharge gas temperature restrictions. It is also multi-refrigerant qualified for R410A and R454B, making it easier to migrate to R454B, which has a lower global warming potential. It is suitable for medium to high temperatures (up to 65ºC) and low ambient conditions. A wide range of compressor capacities are available, ranging from 7.5 to 40 tons of refrigeration, and individual compressors can be manifolded together to boost system capacity.

To accelerate the market transition to heat pumps and expand their use into colder climates, the compressor incorporates the flexibility to use both liquid and vapor injection in the same product. Tandems and trios can also be used with a single economizer heat exchanger, simplifying the system design and increasing flexibility. The same compressor can be used with both R410A and R454B, as well as liquid and vapor injection modes. It can be manifolded and connected to a single economizer heat exchanger.

It is available in all needed voltages and frequencies, making it suitable for usage in the United States and around the world. The PSH compressor with vapor and liquid injection can be employed in heat pumps ranging from moderate climate zones to locations where extremely cold temperatures are common and expected. By expanding this working range, it will increase market adoption of heat pumps while decreasing the need to use fossil fuels for heating.

“The PSH compressor with vapor injection is a game-changer in the path toward electrification,” said Nick Mislak, regional segment marketing director for HVAC. “By enabling heat pumps to operate efficiently in colder climates, coupled with low-GWP compatibility, the PSH provides the technology needed to move toward clean heat sources while maintaining customer comfort.”

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