ELGi introduces EG Super Premium Compressors to transform oil-lubricated screw

ELGi introduces EG Super Premium Compressors to transform oil-lubricated screw

Elgi Equipments presents the EG SP improvement to its oil-lubricated screw air compressors, which provides improved energy efficiency, a best-in-class guarantee, and low life cycle costs.

Elgi Equipments, a leading air compressor manufacturer, has introduced the EG SP (Super Premium), an upgrade to its world-renowned EG Series line of oil-lubricated screw air compressors. These machines represent a substantial improvement in compressed air technology, providing clients with energy efficiency savings of up to 15 percent, best-in-class warranty and performance, and low life cycle costs in the 90–110 kW compressor range. 

The improved ELGi EG SP units include completely designed two-stage airends with the proven η-V profile. This optimizes the whole compression process, resulting in up to 15 percent savings in specific power usage. This, combined with low-speed airends and a smaller load on each step, guarantees that components last longer. Aside from that, the IE4 ultra-premium motors allow for seamless integration of modern design and cutting-edge technology, resulting in greater energy efficiency. All EG Super Premium machines are additionally fitted with Neuron 4 industrial controllers, which ensure peak performance. The EG Super Premium additionally includes a special oil filter developed for 4000-hour lifespans; the filter effectively removes pollutants from the compressor’s lubricating system, emphasizing remarkable durability and overall endurance. All EG super premium units are compatible with Air Alert, ELGi’s add-on IoT solution. When coupled with the Neuron 4 controller, it improves compressor management by elevating uptime, increasing energy efficiency, and providing 24×7 global remote monitoring.

Bhavesh Karia, President, ISAAME (India, South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East) and SEA (Southeast Asia), Elgi Equipments Limited, said, “At ELGi, our unwavering commitment lies in aligning technological progress with tangible efficiency gains for our customers and the environment. With the EG Super Premium, we have taken a stride forward in our quest to deliver heightened performance while setting new benchmarks for efficiency and dependability in compressed air technology. Recognizing that over 80 percent of a compressor’s total life-cycle cost is attributed to energy costs, the EG Super Premium compressors deliver an impressive boost of up to 15 percent in energy efficiency. Tailored for manufacturing enterprises emphasizing energy efficiency and environmental stewardship, these cutting-edge units promise substantial energy savings through their innovative features bundled in a highly competitive total cost of ownership package.”

Every EG Super Premium compressor includes an essential warranty of six years for the airend, three years for vital parts, and one year for the package, as well as an extended warranty of ten years for the airend and five years for the package. The ELGi EG Super Premium is designed to be long-lasting, reliable, and durable.

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