Atlas Copco redefines nitrogen solutions in India with portable generators

portable generators to redefine nitrogen generation solutions in India

These generators use membrane technology to offer a steady supply of pure nitrogen, lowering energy consumption while achieving nitrogen purity levels of up to 99 percent.

Atlas Copco, a global leader in compressors, vacuum solutions, generators, pumps, power tools, and assembly systems, has introduced a revolutionary line of portable nitrogen generators, intending to reinvent nitrogen generation solutions in India.

The series consists of four models: NM 500-25, NM 1000-25, NM 2000-25, and NM 3000-25, each designed to cater to various nitrogen production sizes, ranging from modest to large-scale operations. This demonstrates Atlas Copco’s dedication to offering comprehensive solutions for portable nitrogen applications in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, mining, and maritime.

Atlas Copco’s nitrogen membrane generators provide a consistent supply of pure nitrogen. The outstanding membrane technology defines the NM generators, resulting in reduced energy usage. These generators are designed to provide nitrogen purity levels of up to 99 percent, depending on the customer’s exact requirements.

Prasanna Kulkarni, General Manager – Power Technique, Atlas Copco India, said “We are proud to introduce the new portable nitrogen series to redefine nitrogen generation and deliver tailored nitrogen solutions for all tough environments. It guarantees unmatched purity, efficiency, and resilience, further solidifying Atlas Copco’s role as a comprehensive service provider.”

The robust design enables it to work in the harshest settings, withstanding severe temperatures and dust. Quick-to-use NM generators have a quick start-up process, remote commissioning, and an integrated feed air manifold for a variety of compressed air supply connections. The user-friendly interface and streamlined functions ensure that nitrogen production is efficient and hassle-free.

Range of nitrogen application Generators have a wide range of applications, including underbalanced drilling, pipeline purging and pigging, coiled tubing operations, reservoir pressure maintenance, and fracturing. Their versatility extends to mining applications such as extinguishing coal mine fires and inerting abandoned regions, as well as shipboard applications where they assist in creating inert atmospheres in vessels transporting crude oil, chemicals, LNG gas, and LPG gas. This diverse set of applications demonstrates the generators’ versatility across multiple sectors.

Atlas Copco’s Reliable Nitrogen Generator NM series represents a wise investment for sectors that require pure nitrogen. Reliability is critical for applications, including our generator unit. Using less energy per ton of nitrogen reduces total ownership costs to a minimum. The generators’ interoperability with other Atlas Copco products provides a streamlined, energy-efficient solution that lowers operating costs. The NM series has been rigorously tested for endurance, and it maintains Atlas Copco’s reputation for robustness and operational quality even in the hardest situations, making it a dependable choice for portable air solutions.

The NM series sustainable solution excels in both operational convenience and environmental sustainability. Atlas Copco generators decrease CO2 emissions and transportation costs by allowing for on-site nitrogen generation. The sophisticated membrane technology and improved feed air filtration system ensure a steady supply of high-purity nitrogen while reducing energy usage, resulting in a low cost of ownership. 

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