FläktGroup launches eco friendly efficient FGAH-AH heat pumps with versatile applications


FläktGroup introduced the FGAH-AH line of second-generation heat pumps, which come in six capacities ranging from 15 to 41 kW. These units, factory-filled with low-GWP R-32, are future-proof and appropriate for a wide range of applications.

FläktGroup presents the newly developed and improved second generation. The new FGAH-AH series, available in 6 device sizes from 15 to 41 kW, improves efficiency with SCOP values of up to 4.76 (ηs 187 percent) for low-temperature applications and 3.48 (ηs 136 percent) for medium temperatures.

The units are factory-filled with the low-GWP refrigerant R-32 (GWP 677). The refrigerant has established itself as an alternative for R-410A since its GWP (Global Warming Potential) is 66 percent lower. R-32 is categorised as ISO 817 A2L (low flammability). Because the refrigerant is just placed outside the building, it can be employed with simple safety standards and no complicated limits. R-32 is future-proof in terms of servicing and maintenance due to the F-Gas Regulation 2024, which does not prohibit changing components or refilling the refrigerant.

Monovalent operation without an additional boiler or district heating connection is possible in many applications, such as with air handling units, fan coils, chilled beams, or air heaters, due to the wide operating range of -20 °C outside temperature with simultaneous flow temperature of up to 45 °C or up to 60 °C at outside temperatures above -5 °C. The control option of on-site auxiliary heating rods allows either bivalent-parallel or bivalent-alternative operation. In the summer, the devices can be set to cool mode, with media temperatures ranging from -8 to +18 °C.

The units come standard with energy-efficient EC fans, electronic expansion valves, and a Cu/Al heat exchanger coating for improved condensate drainage. Optional speed-controlled pumps and expansion vessels are available for reduced installation time and wiring effort. The speed-controlled scroll compressors adjust heating and cooling capacity to current demand.

Due to the factory-closed refrigeration circuit, installation by engineers for sanitary, heating and air conditioning technology is possible without any problems. FläktGroup offers commissioning by trained service technicians or refrigeration technicians.

The heat pumps of the FGAH-AH series meet the requirements of the ErP Directive for Heating Appliances (EU) No. 813/2013 and are Eurovent certified.

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