JOFRA calibrator for critical temperature in multi-fuel boilers


JOFRA temperature calibrators used to help ensure steam turbines run at maximum efficiency by accurate measuring temperature.

JOFRA, a temperature calibrator company uses its calibrators to help ensure that steam turbines run at maximum efficiency by accurately measuring temperature. It works to ensure that the turbines run at maximum efficiency are directly dependent on the steam’s temperature entering the turbine. Higher steam temperatures mean higher efficiency and lower emissions. With a highly controlled temperature, the turbine can produce more power with the same amount of fuel.

For Ultra Super Critical (USC) multi-fuel boiler technology, accurate temperature measurement from 550 to 700 degrees Celcius is essential. Any deviation in temperature can result in higher maintenance,  increased risk of a shut-down, and a reduced lifetime.

Turbines use temperature sensors to monitor the inlet steam to avoid these temperature deviations. However, these sensors may drift over time, so regular calibration is required. Because the temperature and demand for accuracy are exceptionally high, finding the right piece of equipment to calibrate these sensors is challenging.

AMETEK STC has the solution with its JOFRA RTC Series Reference Temperature Calibrators. The RTC temperature calibrator series includes seven models covering a total range from -100 to 700°C (-148 to 1292°F). The RTC-700 model features a temperature range from 33 to 700°C, allowing it to calibrate steam turbine sensors. In addition to its highly accurate internal sensors, users can combine the RTC temperature calibrator with the patented DLC system to provide perfect temperature uniformity inside the insert. It also features an advanced simplicity interface, so learning how to use the calibrator takes just minutes.

With an accuracy of ± 0.29°C, stability to ± 0.02°C and perfect temperature homogeneity in the insert, the RTC-700 temperature calibrator with the DLC sensor is the ideal solution to assure these critical turbine temperature sensors are working as intended.

AMETEK STC manufactures and supplies calibration instruments for temperature, pressure,  and process signals under JOFRA and Crystal brands. JOFRA temperature calibrators are known worldwide for their accuracy, stability, and reliability.

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