New Nepura residential heat pump, optimised for heating in colder climates

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Daikin Europe N.V. introduces Nepura, the new residential air-to-air heat pump range, which is available in Europe as of November 2023. With this range, Daikin Europe seeks to provide a reliable heating solution that performs at temperatures as low as -30°C and delivers efficiency values of up to A+++ in heating.  The launch of the Nepura range is part of Daikin’s strategy to develop products tailored to Nordic conditions. 

Building on the success of the Optimised Heating 4 series launched in 2017, Daikin Europe has created the Nepura series to extend its indoor unit portfolio. Developed to a higher specification with more advanced features, Nepura will eventually replace the current Optimized Heating 4 series.

Daikin’s Nepura air-to-air heat pump is offered in various capacity classes, including 3kW for models such as Daikin Emura, Stylish, and Perfera Floor, as well as 3&4kW for Perfera Wall, and 2.5&3.5kW for Comfora. The outdoor unit, measuring 662 x 442 x 1022 mm, guarantees reliable operation even in extreme conditions, with the ability to function down to -30°C outside temperature. Boasting impressive heating efficiency with ratings up to A+++, the system incorporates intelligent features like weather compensation, heat boost, and fireplace logic. It accommodates a diverse range of indoor units, including Daikin Emura, Stylish, Perfera (wall & floor), and Comfora. Additionally, the heat pump is equipped with cloud-ready capabilities for added convenience.

Built to perform in extreme weather conditions
Nepura is engineered to operate down to -30°C and ensures high heating capacity at low ambient temperatures. The improved outdoor unit structure with full bottom plate equipped with a standard heater avoids ice build-up. Daikin guarantees best-in-class performances, with efficiency values up to A+++ in heating, making the Nepura heat pump a smart energy saver.

Complete product portfolio

The Nepura range can be combined with Daikin Emura, Stylish, Perfera (wall & floor) and Comfora indoor units– offering a complete product portfolio to meet every need. Daikin Emura and Stylish indoor units are available in a choice of two different colours, black or white.

Nepura’s indoor units feature a specially designed fan that optimises airflow for high-performance at low sound levels down to 19 dBA.

AI driven technology

With intelligent features such as weather compensation and fireplace logic, Nepura allows customers to select their preferred comfort levels. The weather compensation feature helps to compensate for the heat loss of the house during colder temperatures. Nepura’s heat pump also takes into account secondary heat sources, such as fireplaces. As soon as the room reaches the set temperature, the fireplace logic function starts automatically, switching off the indoor unit heating while keeping the fan rotating to distribute warm air across the room.

Daikin Emura, Stylish and Perfera indoor units are equipped with a built-in air purifying filter and use Daikin’s patented Flash Streamer technology. These features ensure harmful airborne particles, such as allergens, bacteria, viruses, and odours are effectively eliminated.

Flexible user-friendly control

The Nepura optimised heating solution is easily managed with a tap on the screen using the user-friendly Onecta app. This intuitive app enables the remote adjustment of settings instantly through a smart device from anywhere, at any time, allowing homeowners to arrive home to a cosy warm environment.

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