TESSOL expands its range of break-through last mile food and pharma delivery solution indiWRAP


Powered by ‘Phase Change Material’ technology, this affordable delivery solution is helping all perishable food and Pharma brands fulfil their promise and reach a wider customer base.

TESSOL, a globally recognized Indian Cold Chain Solution provider that aims to solve the last mile distribution problem in India is all set to raise the bar of Cold Chain solutions in India. The brand had launched a break-through ice-cream and frozen food delivery solution last year, indiWRAP which has been extremely successful in helping brands fulfil their promise and reach a wider customer base.

Encouraged by the success in ice cream delivery with e-commerce brands, TESSOL has expanded the product range to include other verticals like Gourmet Chocolates, imported fruits, Seafood and Meats as well as Pharmaceutical products. The solution ensures product quality with a 60 min temperature maintenance guarantee in every delivery without using any insulation and this further help brands increase their delivery radius in a simple and cost-effective manner. With insulation, the product can be cost effectively transported up to 72 hours!

Commenting on the success of indiWRAPTM, Rajat Gupta, Founder & CEO, TESSOL said, “We are excited about the success of our PCM based indiWRAPTM in keeping the ice-cream and frozen chilled while maintaining the taste on the go. With the new expanded range, a lot more Brands will be able to benefit from this technology this summer. This will not only increase brand’s bandwidth but further help them gaining their customers trust and confidence.”

Further, speaking on the technology, he added and said, “Phase Change Material (PCM) is a substance which releases/absorbs large amounts of energy at a defined freezing / melting point to provide useful heat/cooling. TESSOL’s innovation is in leveraging their PCM technology to make a solution which is extremely affordable and acts as a viable ice and dry ice alternative.”

The indiWRAP solutions are available in many variations and specially built for Pharmaceutical, Chilled and Frozen foods. Depending on the requirement, various volume options ranging from 50 ml to 200 ml are available. The company currently makes several lakh indiWRAPS per month and have doubled its capacity as a preparation for this summer.

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