Vaisala introduces a carbon dioxide probe for incubator monitoring


Vaisala has introduced the GMP80P, a portable carbon dioxide probe designed for life science incubators and other demanding conditions. The probe, which can be used with a handheld Indigo80 indicator.

Vaisala, a global leader in meteorological, environmental, and industrial measurements, has announced the GMP80P, a portable carbon dioxide probe designed for use in life science incubators and other demanding conditions that require precision, dependability, and stability.

The Vaisala GMP80P carbon dioxide probe with pump sampling is a portable product that meets professional CO2 measurement requirements. It can be used with a handheld Indigo80 indicator and is suitable for sampling CO2 from incubators, spot-checking fixed transmitters, and other areas. It is ideal for demanding industrial applications where precise and accurate CO2 concentration levels are needed.

Vaisala Product Manager Vuokko Lantz said, “I am delighted to announce the addition of the new portable probe to the modular portable product family. With the Vaisala Indigo80 handheld indicator and compatible products, you can measure high-quality data for a wide range of industrial processes. The new COmeasurement probe is designed to meet the demands of the most demanding applications, such as life science incubators. This probe, for example, allows you to acquire samples with a pumping system from inside the incubator without opening the door. In this way, the measurement won’t affect the incubator’s condition. The measurement can be done much faster without waiting for the cabinet to stabilise again. By doing this, it is also possible to ensure the incubation process continues without contamination.”

Designed to meet customer demands, the GMP80P measurement probe can be easily attached to the incubator. A compact indicator connected to the GMP80P can monitor CO2 measurement data. Additionally, the Indigo80 can be used to log measurement data from the GMP80P, and calibration and adjustment are easy with the device.

“Our customers wanted a simple solution with the added benefit of a pump function that could be used even in the most demanding conditions when measuring important CO2 levels in incubators,” says Lantz. “We offer our customers the GMP80P measurement probe with a high degree of reliability and accuracy. In addition, we offer many accessories like sampling tube and pipe options. This way the probe can be easily installed to various inlets in the incubator door or walls. ‘We are very confident that Vaisala’s new probe will meet their high quality and performance standards,” Lantz concludes. Vaisala GMP80P carbon dioxide probe with pump sampling will be available in June 2024 on the North American and European markets. 


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