HVAC&R industry aims at energy efficiency at ACREX 2020


ACREX 2020 has always been a platform for global HVAC&R industries to exhibit their innovations, inventions and collaborative technologies. The HVAC market displays an increased focus on energy efficiency by manufacturers as well consumers.

ACREX 2020 was a potential opportunity for global HVAC&R industry to have a personal interaction with their clients and customers. Moreover, the industry exhibited huge range of products and solutions complying with impending requirement the energy efficiency and environmental factors.

Innovations exhibited at ACREX 2020
ABB displayed have displayed big complex panels for buildings. Because anything you build on site for a specific project, always will have a higher risk of failure than a continuous operation opportunity that is designed specifically and tested specifically in a factory environment.

The company also exhibited their integrated bypass solutions and low harmonic drives that can substantially reduce the electrical noise in buildings. And that’s we introduced that already in on the last ACREX.

There are still applications where redundancy is extremely important; and if you have critical applications like, a fan or a cooling machine collapse during a surgery, it becomes difficult to do proper surgery; so you have to have a proper solution to transform the situation. With that the company aims at delivering a complete factory tested packaged solutions.

Desiccant Rotors International Pvt. Ltd; has added quite a few products, complying with industrial demands. We are trying to invent innovative products for evaporative cooling systems, especially indirect evaporative cooling systems in which we can use power of water and evaporation. We have special dedicated outdoor air systems that are highly energy efficient for commercial buildings.

Armacell mainly deals into thermal and acoustic insulation solutions, specified for food and Beverage industries, Chemical industries, among a few other essentials that require specific protective utility solutions to preserve chilled water, heating, cooling, steam engines, and those equipments.

Dunham Bush is a global organisation, and is very well established in India. The company’s key focus would remain in the applied range, with two key products – Screw Chillers with Vertical Screw Compressor; which is strategically well placed in the market. So, our focus is more on the mentioned two products for the Indian market. We also have high end products like magnetic levitation chiller, which is the new energy efficient product in the market. Apart from that, we have energy solutions around customised chillers.

This ACREX, Grundfos Pumps Pvt. Ltd., is more focused on industrial solutions and digitalisation of their products. They displayed their circulator pumps that has inbuilt controls, along with highest efficient motors at i5 efficiency class. First product displayed is TPE-3 is a twin pump with inbuilt controls, it’s a unique design.

Other product is a circulator, with intelligent control censors inbuilt for temperature, pressure control and flow based control. The unique feature is that it does not have a mechanical seal. If you see most of the failure in any pumps, it happens to a mechanical seal. So, when you do not have a mechanical seal in a pump, it becomes much more reliable. So, with intelligent controls and reliability and we have a Magna3, then the skid mounted system which you see here is basically a combination of our intelligent controls and prefabrication.

Another unique feature is Cathodic Electro Deposit (CED) coating for pipes which is done by Grundfos.CED coating increases a life of the system that reduces the corrosion and increases the resistance drastically. And it also increases the efficiency because the surface is much smoother compared to normal coating.

Magneto Cleantech, being a techno-logy provider for maintaining an IAQ,
are more focused on developing products as per the environmental norms. They are working towards their foresighted technology called “Magnetic”, where we can have products like magnetic train, magnetic chiller, all kinds of things that are coming into our lives was invented in 2003 and it was entirely in the hands of US till 2016, and thereafter it was made available for licensing. So we took the licensing arrangement for the technology and we developed the entire product in ways where any air con system can take it. We see aircon as an opportunity and a right approach. Every household has an air contradict to what will have tomorrow eventually, because being interpreted so why can’t we have a system whereby we combine these two together, bring energy efficiency, cost efficiency.

Impacts of Coronavirus
The recent outbreak of Pandemic disease ‘Coronavirus’ in China, has impacted the global industries, further refraining their involvement in any global gatherings like, exhibitions, launches, international tours among other essential meetings.

Talking about the businesses, although Indian industries are somewhere speculating an increase in their business, as they believe every crisis is an opportunity to capitalise the market’. Moreover, this would further boost the small scale companies to enhance their businesses by grabbing this opportunity and establish their footprints in the Indian market.

According to Airflow Technologies, the recent Coronavirus outbreak has a global impact to a great extent. We can see it as an opportunity also, as earlier China was holding a prominent position in the global market, but with the changing trends, I think Indian can also become one of the prominent global players. Since we are already geared up with our capacities, India can soon replace China in that position.

Whereas, Armacell feels that this outbreak will slowdown the supply chain and will cause disruption in our international markets. The company is more concerned as Armacell has a factory located in China from where their products are supplied to China and a few other countries. However, I think the Chinese government has been involved to regain to market’s confidence; and result for the same can be seen as couple of plans are resurfacing in the industry. The company is waiting to analyse and quantify its effects in Europe and North America. So, considering all these factors, I think the next two months would be challenging for most of the industries.

But considering the present circumstances, the only hope we can have is, the experts to develop a vaccine to fight Corona. However, I think we will have to live with low business pays at least for next two to three months.

ACREX 2020 was mainly focused on air conditioning. The Indian Air Conditioning market is growing, particularly more on the residential side. However, we see a traction in the commercial segment also especially in office buildings, commercial complexes, institutional buildings, hospitals, airports, malls; where requirement of centralised HVC system is high. Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning systems is drastically increasing in India, because of which the indsutries witness a downfall in certain products in this segment, but overall, the India remains intact.

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