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Toshiba’s Thermoflagger for temperature detections in electronic equipment 


The new Thermoflagger™ ICs are used in combination with PTC thermistors that change their resistance values according to the temperature.

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation introduced the first two products of Thermoflagger over-temperature detection IC series: “TCTH021BE,” which does not have a latching function for the FLAG signal when it detects abnormal states; and “TCTH022BE” which does have a latching function. They detect temperature rises inside electronic equipment in a simple circuit configuration with positive temperature coefficient (PTC) thermistors. Shipment starts today.

For electronic equipment to perform as specified, their semiconductors and electronic components must operate within design parameters. Temperature is one crucial parameter, especially if the internal temperature becomes higher than that assumed during the design process. This can be a major problem in respect of safety and reliability, and requires an overheating monitoring solution to detect any rise in temperature.

The new Thermoflagger™ ICs are used in combination with PTC thermistors that change their resistance values according to the temperature. They detect changes in the resistance value of a PTC thermistor placed close to heat sources, and output FLAG signals to indicate over-temperature. Connecting PTC thermistors in series realizes over-temperature detection for multiple locations.

The new ICs are housed in the small, standard SOT-553 package (Toshiba’s package name: ESV) and feature a low current consumption of 11.3μA (typ.).

Thermoflagger™ ICs allow users to configure over-temperature detection for an entire electronic product easily, and help to reduce its size and power consumption. Toshiba will continue to develop Thermoflagger™ ICs with various functions.


Thermoflagger™ by Toshiba finds its applications in diverse areas. It ensures the temperature stability of mobile devices, such as laptops and smartphones, enhancing their performance. It safeguards home appliances, including refrigerators and air conditioners, while providing real-time temperature detection for industrial equipment, optimizing efficiency and preventing potential risks.


The Thermoflagger™ technology by Toshiba offers a simple configuration to combine with PTC thermistors, allowing for monitoring of overheat conditions at multiple points. With low power consumption, small package size, selectable PTCO output current, high accuracy, and a FLAG signal output, Thermoflagger™ provides efficient and reliable temperature monitoring for electronic systems.

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