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Kii launches ‘Kii Direct’ – Integrated cold chain marketplace and monitoring service


Kii, an Internet of Things platform and solutions company, has announced the launch of the ‘Kii Direct‘ service, the World’s First Integrated Cold Chain Marketplace and Monitoring Service.

Kii Direct solves some of the fundamental problems plaguing the cold chain industry including –

  • Unorganised and fragmented provider market
  • Lack of end-to-end visibility into the performance of cold chains
  • Inflexible cold chains and
  • Product spoilage and wastage due to inefficient cold chains.

Kii Direct solves these problems in a comprehensive way for both cold chain customers as well as cold chain providers with its integrated cold chain marketplace, which solves the issues around unorganised and fragmented market and inflexible cold chains. They also provide adaptive cold chain monitoring which solves the issues around lack of end-to-end visibility and product wastage.

Cold chain customers benefit from the ability to discover appropriate providers in the marketplace and use them to create flexible cold chains, end-to-end detailed visibility into cold chain operations, adaptive and predictive capabilities that further improve cold chain operations and simple contract management irrespective of how many providers are involved in the cold chain.

Cold storage and transportation providers benefit from significantly improved market presence and discoverability (without additional marketing spend) thanks to the organised marketplace Kii Direct provides additional revenue and customers (without additional sales expense) and state-of-the-art IoT technology with the Kii Ready service.

“We are thrilled to announce Kii Direct and Kii Ready,” said Masanari Arai, CEO of Kii. “Having studied the Cold Chain industry closely and having understood the significant problems it faces, we embarked on a mission to solve them in a comprehensive way for both sides of the market – the customers and providers – and today I am very happy to reveal our solutions to the entire world.”

“The Kii Direct service’s dual mission of organizing the highly fragmented cold storage and transportation provider market while at the same time solving the end-to-end visibility problem for cold chain customers is a really admirable and a much needed solution for the industry today.” said Kiran Gubba, CEO of Gubba Group. “We’re excited to be a part of this initiative as an early adopter.”

“End-to-end visibility of cold chains has been a mirage till now. Kii Direct makes it real while at the same time giving cold chain users the ability to create and manage very flexible cold chains. This is not an easy feat.” said Rajesh AV, Partner at ID Fresh Foods. “We truly believe that Kii’s vision is extraordinary and are delighted to be an early adopter of their service.”

The Kii Direct service was announced at the India Cold Chain Show 2019 in Mumbai. Kii Direct is currently made available on an invite-only basis and is scheduled to be generally available in Q1 2020. Kii intends to make the service available world-wide, starting with India, and targets cold chain users and providers in Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Retail sectors.

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