New generation Air Showers facilitate user friendly functions 

Air Showers

New hybrid Air Showers also known as Negex have more built-in safe features and provide better end-user requirements.

The New Generation Air Showers has been upgraded incorporating all facilities of the existing Sam Air Showers. It comes with features that facilitate user friendly functions. These new hybrid Air Showers also known as Negex have more built-in safe features and provide better end user requirements. 

Negex air showers are provided with Industrial grade electromagnetic locks having single body no moving parts and carry the following features. 

Durability of doors 

Even the doors have strong and robust stainless steel Striker operating at static holding force of 1360 Kgs. The doors are durable and come with aluminium framed door assemblies with clear Glass. Interlocking of both exit & entry doors ensure both doors from being opened. All doors are unlocked automatically in case of power failure for safety reasons. 

Safety measures 

As part of safety measures now Negex have emergency buttons along with User Lights on both sides of Shower for all doors to be unlocked instantly. Also, electrical Main Breaker Switches are mounted inside the work zone for rapid shutdown of the system & all doors are immediately unlocked. 

Cost saving 

For energy saving, Electronic Ballasted Lights ensure reduction of energy costs. Continuous flow of air is available at lower speeds as standby mode, thereby reducing energy consumed & maintaining the chamber clean. 

Duration of Air Shower is programmable. Additionally, Time Watch along with a thermometer has been provided for instant display. 

Furthermore, stainless Steel flooring ensures easy maintenance and cleaning. 

For further queries contact SAM PRODUCTS Pvt. Ltd., Noida

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