Improving building safety with YORK’s VWF in air conditioning


Debasmita Sarkar, Sales and Marketing Specialist at YORK, Johnson Controls, says that when discussing safety, the focus often turns to concerns like fire safety, workplace safety, or home security. However, one critical aspect that deserves equal attention is safety in air conditioning systems. In environments where air conditioning is prevalent, ensuring the safe operation of these systems is of prime importance.

Amidst the ever-evolving scenario of HVAC technologies, YORK has emerged as a trailblazer with its significant variable water flow technology. This cutting-edge innovation is poised to transform the industry across all market segments, offering efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability. When you have small to medium comfort applications to cool and heat, YORK® Amichi inverter scroll air-cooled chillers are there for variable water flow (VWF) systems.

Exceeding efficiency standards

Integrating advanced technologies like Direct Current (DC) Inverter Technology and Electronically Commutated (EC) Fans proves pivotal to surpassing efficiency standards in HVAC systems.

Exceeding efficiency standards is achieved by incorporating Direct Current (DC) inverter technology and electronically commutated (EC) fans. The utilisation of DC Inverter Technology and EC fans ensures superior energy efficiency and performance, aligning with high standards in the industry.

YORK®@VWF technology addresses safety by limiting refrigerant to the outdoor space and pumping water to the conditioned spaces via UPVC/CPVC/MS pipes instead of Copper Pipes, mitigating future risks of leakage or fouling. It provides a flexible and adaptive solution that optimises energy usage, significantly reducing operational costs.

Every unit is designed with an in-built pump and tank and comes with a Flow Switch and Y-strainer in a wide operating range and super silent operations (abiding by WHO standards for noise level). Every unit is subjected to a Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT) during the design product development stages. This allows us to simulate extreme conditions and ensure long-term operational reliability and quality.


YORK® @ VWF offers optimum modular design, higher diversity, flexibility, reliability, and consistent life cycle performance. Designed with intelligent defrost and anti-freeze functionalities, these units do not fear the cold or heat. The units come in a wide range of 3TR-72TR flexible in their application. They can be widely used in office buildings, residential villas, malls, hotels, hospitals, diagnostic centres, data centres, server rooms, battery rooms, schools, educational institutions and restaurants – among others – to help customers drive operational costs through sustainable energy savings.

Further, flexibility is characterised by its smart, compact design and easy installation through Plug & Play units. The system is designed for effortless transportation and seamless integration. This adaptability is further emphasised by its user-friendly design, which simplifies both installation and integration processes.


YORK’s commitment to sustainability takes a giant leap forward with using water as a green refrigerant in the VWF technology. Unlike traditional refrigerants that may contribute to environmental concerns, water is a natural, non-toxic, and readily available resource. This breakthrough aligns with global efforts to phase out harmful refrigerants and ensures a safer and more sustainable solution for conditioned spaces.

With an increasing focus on environmental responsibility, YORK’s variable water flow technology aligns with sustainable practices. By reducing energy consumption and operating more efficiently, the technology contributes to lower carbon footprints, making it an environmentally friendly choice for businesses and organisations committed to sustainability goals.

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