Blockchain enables a sustainable network


Swarup Bose, the Founder and CEO of Celcius Logistics, suggests that integrating blockchain technology with Internet of Things (IoT) devices provide additional advantages beyond improving productivity and profitability. As such, logistics and supply chain experts can utilise IoT-driven innovations and automation to optimise different processes.

Please talk about IoT and sensors for monitoring temperature during transport.
Blockchain technology provides a transparent and secure platform that allows companies to manage and monitor inventory as it moves through the supply chain. Its implementation has proven revolutionary, particularly in cold supply chain networks where continuous temperature control and monitoring are crucial. By utilising blockchain, a transparent and decentralised system is established, enabling real-time temperature monitoring, error logging, and the creation of a sustainable network. The key advantage of blockchain technology lies in its ability to ensure accurate traceability, enabling the precise tracking of items from their origin to their destination. This fosters credibility, quality assurance, and transparency throughout the food supply chain.

Moreover, integrating blockchain technology with the Internet of Things (IoT) devices offer additional benefits beyond enhancing productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction. Logistics and supply chain professionals can leverage IoT-driven innovations and automation to optimise various processes. This includes intelligent storage and inventory management, data-driven predictive analysis, temperature-controlled devices for smart last-mile deliveries, and real-time tracking. By combining blockchain and IoT, a wide range of improvements can be achieved throughout the supply chain network.

Please discuss refrigeration equipment technologies shaping the transport of frozen and perishable goods.
Tech adoption must be done quickly. To achieve optimal efficiency in the cold supply chain for perishable goods, adopting suitable technological solutions that address the overall challenges is essential. However, the technological implementation should be wider than smart warehouses and refrigerated vehicles alone. Combining a smart warehouse management system with a digital cold chain platform makes it possible to monitor and make real-time adjustments to maintain ideal temperatures throughout the storage and transportation process of perishable items. This can be achieved through the integration of AI, machine learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain solutions with software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms, enabling continuous monitoring and tracking of temperature, location, humidity, and other relevant variables in real-time.

What affordable facilities are evolving for temperature-sensitive goods and vaccine transportation?
Pharmaceuticals tend to be difficult to store and ship because even small temperature fluctuations can cause the shipment as a whole to lose its viability. To address this, Celcius has chosen to base every one of our services on technology. We transport all consignments in refrigerated vehicles to ensure that the shipment remains unaffected by environmental changes. We also use IoT-based Temperature Measurement Devices (TMD), Door sensors, temperature sensors, and GPS devices to track and monitor the products during the route. If the temperature fluctuates, these devices continuously provide updates and alerts, making locating and resolving the problem simple. As PCM (phase change material) is incredibly effective at absorbing heat from the environment to maintain the ideal temperature of the products, we also use it to insulate the products. We ensure that each storage unit has a temperature sensor connected to an AI and IoT-based device that monitors the product’s temperature, even while the products are in storage facilities.

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