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Meet Patel

Meet Patel, the Director of Marut Air Systems, talks about their emergence as pioneers in the ventilation field, with advanced manufacturing facilities and a dedicated team of professionals.

What inspired the foundation of Marut Air?

Marut Air Systems, headquartered in Ahmedabad, has emerged as a pioneer in industrial ventilation. Founded in 2016, the company boasts expansive, cutting-edge manufacturing facilities in Ahmedabad. Backed by a dedicated team of 100 professionals, predominantly engineers, Marut Air Systems specializes in crafting a wide array of large High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans. These fans are renowned for their exceptional energy efficiency, durability, and robust performance. In addition to HVLS fans, the company also manufactures exhaust fans, mobile fans, and industrial coolers, all designed to provide comprehensive ventilation solutions at affordable prices.

The issue of the unstable ventilation in the Industry affecting the efficiency of the workers gave rise to Marut Air. In a tropical country like India, where the atmospheric temperature is high for almost 70% of the year, the ventilation issue is a big issue that brings fatigue to workers very fast and brings down productivity. Marut Air’s inception in this business line was to become a provider of ventilation solutions.

In the ventilation field, what specific area of expertise do you excel in?

Marut Air focuses on research and development. Adequate ventilation has become a pressing issue, particularly in spacious facilities such as factories, warehouses, and community halls. Conventional ventilation methods often prove ineffective despite their substantial cost. Through our commitment to innovation and the integration of advanced technology, we have successfully engineered cost-effective solutions that are also energy-efficient. The dedicated and tireless efforts of our hardworking team deserve due recognition for this achievement.

Please state the importance of ventilation for industry premises.

Ventilation in an essential factor in wider premises. Adequate ventilation plays a pivotal role in ensuring a supply of clean and healthy air, which is necessary for the well-being and productivity of personnel. It significantly enhances the comfort level of employees and minimizes the likelihood of human errors. The research underscores the significance of temperature control, revealing that when the body temperature exceeds 40 degrees Celsius, focus on work diminishes, and the risk of human error increases.

To illustrate the impact of a well-functioning ventilation system on the shop floor, consider a scenario where an individual works on a laptop in a space devoid of air-conditioning or proper airflow during the scorching summer months. In such conditions, the person experiences discomfort and fatigue. Now, extrapolate this to the conditions faced by individuals engaged in physical labour on the shop floor, and the importance of effective ventilation becomes even more apparent.

How does Marut Air adapt ventilation solutions for different industries?

A one-size-fits-all solution cannot adequately address the significant ventilation challenges we face. The choice of products to address ventilation concerns varies depending on the industry. A fabrication shop benefits from a combination of HVLS fans and Exhaust Fans, while a textile mill requires Air Coolers and Exhaust Fans. The choice of ventilation solutions hinges on the unique characteristics of the facility and its manufacturing processes. By combining various Marut Air products, a comprehensive ventilation solution can be tailored to meet the needs of large premises.

What quality control measures are in place for both outsourced and in-house products?

Our well-established manufacturing facilities in Ahmedabad are committed to the exacting production standards and quality control for our products. While we rely on specialized suppliers for certain operations like laser cutting and magnet production, we are on the verge of establishing a comprehensive in-house manufacturing setup. This transition is a pressing necessity due to our rapid growth. Even for outsourced products, we maintain a rigorous quality control regimen before and after production.

What is the maintenance approach for Marut Air products?

Drawing upon our extensive eight-year experience and continuous research and development efforts, we proudly assert that Marut Air products require no ongoing maintenance. We have meticulously established a comprehensive service and periodic maintenance checklist for our customers’ convenience, which we provide after product installation. Furthermore, we maintain regular communication with our customers post-installation and conduct on-site inspections to assess product performance. In the rare event of a service issue, our dedicated service team stands ready to address and resolve it within 48 to 72 hours.

What notable technological advancements have been made in your current product range?

A significant technological transformation is evident in our current product lineup. We’ve transitioned to Generation 3 motors utilizing PMSM technology for our HVLS Fans. This shift from air-cooled to liquid-cooled systems has not only improved fan performance but also extended their operational longevity. Additionally, our commitment to enhancing reliability and safety is reflected in the switch from thick blades to a more streamlined design and the utilization of high-temperature-resistant bearings.

Through ongoing research and development efforts, we’ve successfully fine-tuned the design aspects of our Air Coolers, Exhaust Fans, and other products, resulting in heightened energy efficiency. This optimization enables our customers to realize substantial electricity and cost savings over the extended lifespan of our durable product offerings.

What is the outlook for your company’s growth and success in the ventilation field?

Innovation remains our constant focus as we endeavour to offer cost-efficient ventilation solutions through ongoing enhancements. Our product range requires minimal maintenance, and our primary goal is to exceed customer expectations consistently. Customer satisfaction is the key to achieving success, as mentioned earlier. Our growth trajectory is robust, and our prospects appear promising.

What is the primary goal and strategic direction of your company for the future?

Our vision is clear: delivering cost-effective ventilation solutions to large-scale facilities, significantly reducing their power consumption. In the future, we intend to extend our reach and provide our products and solutions to a broad spectrum of prominent and monumental properties. With unwavering confidence in our products and capabilities, we are determined to make a significant impact by offering superior ventilation solutions, which will translate into substantial savings for our extensive customer base and contribute positively to the nation.

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