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Ammonia solution, a key component for the future global hydrogen infrastructure


Facing transportation hurdles, industry leaders choose ammonia as a solution, blending green hydrogen and nitrogen for proven and efficient transport. Safety in handling hazardous substances like ammonia is crucial, so to ensure safety, Pepperl+Fuchs provides specialized products for secure field device control.

Hydrogen will play a crucial role as the key to the energy transition With the growing shift towards electrification. This will involve everything from the long-term storage of energy up to the molecular replacement of all fossil fuels. However, Germany faces limitations in domestic production capacity, and it is projected that around 60 to 70 percent of the future demand will need to be met through imports due to space constraints.

Hydrogen will be transported by ship, which presents a problem. Liquefaction, for example, consumes a lot of additional energy. However, other means of transport have yet to be available. On the other hand, transporting ammonia is an established process, with about 20 million tons being transported daily. For this reason, well-known suppliers have decided to produce ammonia by combining green hydrogen with nitrogen and to transport the ammonia using the established methods.

Due to its toxic and explosive nature, it is crucial to implement proper safety precautions. Pepperl+Fuchs offers products like the K-System series switch amplifiers, which safely isolate field devices from controllers and are employed in various stages, from landing and land transport to subsequent processing. A wide range of barriers can be tailored to fit specific systems. There is a growing utilization of Ethernet-APL switches for contemporary data transmission, ensuring both high data transfer rates and a secure operational environment.

 Sensors are available to monitor many valves and report their respective positions.

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