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Superfan focuses on upskilling blue-collar workers via workshops


The announcement coincides with Superfan’s 11th Anniversary and represents a pioneering initiative that will benefit two main elements of the BLDC ecosystem: the facilitators and the customers.

Superfan, India’s BLDC pioneers, has initiated comprehensive workshops to upskill 3000 blue-collar workers in the southern states. The goal is to empower this workforce to meet the growing demand for BLDC fans by enhancing their maintenance, operation, and servicing expertise. 

According to the company, the workshops are designed to enhance the workforce’s skills and empower them to meet the demands of the expanding market for BLDC fans. The program to be carried out in a phased approach by the pioneer team of BLDC motor fan experts at Superfan is aimed to educate the technicians/electricians with the necessary expertise in the maintenance, operation, and servicing of BLDC fans. This announcement aligns with Superfan’s 11th Anniversary since introducing India’s initial highly energy-efficient BLDC ceiling fan and building an ecosystem of growth in the BLDC segment of the ceiling fan industry.

The BLDC fan segment within India’s ceiling fan market is bound for exponential growth. This growth is attributed to the mandatory BEE star labelling, where BLDC motor-based fans exclusively occupy the 5-star rating. Their superior performance and increasing consumer preference for energy-efficient appliances drive this shift. Over time, more market players and consumers have shifted towards BLDC fans due to their superior air delivery and the incredible savings of energy costs in the long run.

The Indian BLDC fan market is progressing at a CAGR of 2.6 percent, according to The International Market Analysis Research and Consulting Group (IMARC Group). This program will empower industry enablers (the technicians) with the right knowledge of BLDC fans, ensuring a skilled workforce for the rapidly growing market.

Dr Mayur Sundararajan, CEO of Superfan at Versa Drives Private Limited, says, “Since the launch of Superfan, our commitment has been to make a lasting positive impact in the energy-efficient appliances space. It began with the vision of building an ecosystem for super energy-efficient fans coupled with a market conducive to these fans’ sustenance and growth. Since 2012, we have been working closely with the government agencies like BEE, BIS and EESL and along with NGOs like PRAYAS, CLASP, and AEEE to promote super energy efficient fans in the market through suitable policies and standards, which resulted in the current mandatory star labeling in fans that came into effect in 2023 Jan. While being involved in these developments, we have come to observe that the enablers like electricians, service technicians and scraping enterprises are left out of all the plans of scaling up this energy efficient movement.

The EESL’s recent announcement of deploying 10 million BLDC fans nationwide marks a significant step in the growth of India’s BLDC fan segment. With this massive deployment, the urgent need to address long-term servicing and maintenance demands becomes crucial. Therefore, technicians will need to be prepared by upgrading their capacity to deal with market penetration of a new technology to handle the challenges accompanying the penetration of this new technology.

Participation in the workshop will equip technicians with comprehensive knowledge of BLDC fans, covering design intricacies and internal mechanics. This hands-on learning experience will differentiate between regular and BLDC motor-based fans in servicing, maintenance, and diagnostics. Superfan aims to gather blue-collar professionals from South India through partnerships with electrician associations and aggregators for this industry-focused program.

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